Apex Digital DVD player troubleshooting

No power• Connect the power plug into the wall outlet securely.
No picture• Verify the connection from the DVD video output to the TV video input. Then switch TV to appropriate mode (video 1)
• Connect the video cable into the jacks securely. Refer to your television owners manual.
No sound• Connect the audio cables into the jacks securely.
• Verify the connection from the DVD audio output to the TV or receiver audio input. Then switch to the appropriate source on the receiver.
Rolling b/w picture• Press the P/N button on your remote.
• Adjust the vertical hold on your TV.
Black & White picture• Damaged S connector (bent pin)
The playback picture has occasional distortion• A small amount of picture distortion may appear because of a poor quality video/sound transfer to disc. This is especially true of some discs manufactured between 1997-1998..
• Scratched disc
Brightness is unstable or noises are produced on playback pictures• Connect the DVD player directly through the TV and not through any other source. What you're viewing is the effect of the copy protection circuitry required on all DVD players.
• If you don't have a video input on your TV, you must purchase an RF adapter from your dealer.
The DVD video player does not start playback• Place the disc with the graphics side up.
• Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside the guide.
• Make sure the disc is free from scratches & fingerprints.
• Press the SETUP button to turn off the menu screen.
• Cancel the parental lock function or change the parental lock level. (The Pre-set password is 3308.)
• Turn the power off then disconnect the power plug and reinsert it back into the wall. Retry again.
• Use region 1 discs only.
MP3 won’t read disc or it skips• Return disc as the software edition used may not be compatible with the player. Check web site for instruction.
• Use new editions of software such as Voyetra Audiostation 4, Adaptec’s “Easy CD Creator” or NTI.
• Make sure MP3 file are not encoded with a variable bit rate such as provided by Real Networks.
The remote control does not work properly• Replace the batteries with new ones.