Bose DVD player troubleshooting

After the counters of electronics stores were flooded with DVD players, these excellent apparatuses also appeared on a table of repairs. How practice shows, there are similar malfunctions of DVD players in a basic mass. All malfunctions of the type of “No disk” or “Error”, random hangs-up during reproduction, etc. are specified below in our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for Bose DVD players.

ProblemWhat to do
System doesn’t do anything• Make sure the AC power cord is inserted securely into the power supply.
• Make sure the power supply DC output cord is inserted securely into the VS-2.
• Make sure the VS-2 cable securely connected between the VS-2 and the media center.
• Make sure the Acoustimass module and the power supply are fully plugged into operating AC wall outlets.
• Be sure to press a source button (CD/DVD, AM/FM, etc.) on the LIFESTYLE* remote control.
• Unplug the power supply for 60 seconds, then reconnect it. This allows the unit to reset itself after a power surge or power interruption.
No sound• Increase the volume.
• Check to see if MUTE is lit on the display. If it is. press the Mute button on the remote control to unmated the sound.
• Check the connections for any external components. Make sure that you have pressed the correct remote button for the source you want to hear.
• For CD or DVD play, be sure the disc is placed correctly, label-side up, in the disc tray.
• Connect the FM and AM antennas.
• Make sure that the power switch on the Acoustimass module is set to ON (1).
• Make sure that the audio input cable:
- Connector is firmly seated in the media center Main Speaker jack.
- Multi-pin connector at the other end is firmly seated in the Acoustimass module AUDIO INPUT jack.
• Check connections between the cube speakers and the module.
• Turn off the media center for 60 seconds, then on again, to restore communication between the media center and the speakers.
• Make sure that the power switch on the Acoustimass module is set to ON (1).
Sound is marred by a loud hum or buzz, which may be electrical in nature (not harmonic)• Contact Bose* Customer Service to determine if and how other electrical components in the room may be creating unwanted signals, and the possible remedies.
No sound from center speaker• Make sure the center speaker cable is connected at both ends.
• Select 3- or 5-speaker mode.
Too much sound from center speaker• Decrease the Center Channel setting.
No sound from surround speakers• Select 5-speaker mode.
• Increase the Surround setting for the source being played.
• Make sure the video sound source is stereo- and surround-encoded, and the component used (TV, VCR, DVR, etc.) is stereo.
Surround speakers are too loud• Decrease the Surround setting for the source being played.
• Make sure that the left and right front speakers are connected to the front speaker jacks (blue), and the left and right surround speakers are connected to the surround speaker jacks (orange).
LIFESTYLE" remote behaves erratically or it does not work • Check batteries and their polarity (+ and -).
• Make sure the VS-2/media center input and output cords are securely connected, uncoiled, and extended to their full length.
• Make sure the VS-2 cable between the VS-2 and the media center is securely connected, uncoiled and straightened as much as possible.
• If you are using a plasma-screen TV, make sure the media center power source is as far away from the TV as possible.
• Move the remote (or the media center) a few feet to avoid an area of "dead spots."
• Make sure the remote control and media center house codes match.
• Contact Bose' Customer Service for assistance.
With a plasma-screen TV turned on, the LIFESTYLE' remote behaves erratically• Momentarily disconnect the video cable (composite, S-video, or component) and see if remote performance improves.
• If performance improves, the problem may be remedied by obtaining "ferrite chokes" and placing them on the cable to draw away the interference. To purchase the chokes, contact Bose Customer Service for assistance.
System turns on by itself, or behaves erratically• Change the house code setting to prevent signals from conflicting with another nearby LIFESTYLE' system.
Radio does not work• Make sure antennas are connected properly.
• Move AM antenna at least 20 inches (50 cm) from the media center.
• Adjust antenna position to improve reception.
• Make sure the AM antenna is in an upright position.
• Move antennas farther from media center, TV, or other electronic equipment.
• Select another station. You may be in an area of weak signal coverage for some stations.
The disc does not play• After pressing the CD/DVD button, wait a few seconds before pressing Play
• Make sure the disc is properly inserted (label side up).
• Eject the disc and try loading it again.
• The CD may be dirty.
• Try another CD. The CD may be defective or not compatible.
A CD or DVD does not play correctly• Check the disc for scratches, fingerprints, smears, or dirt.
FM sound is distorted• Adjust antenna position to reduce interference.
FM sound is noisy in surround mode• Weak FM stations will produce static in the surround speakers. Select the 2-speaker mode in the Settings menu to minimize noise.
Sound is distorted• Make sure speaker cables are not damaged and the connections are secure.
• Reduce the output level from any external components connected to the media center.
No sound from TV, CD/DVD, VCR, or AUX• Check the connections.
• Make sure that component is turned on.
• Refer to the component owner's manual.
No video on screen, though the TV audio functions• Check the TV video input selection. Make sure it is correct for the video source.
LIFESTYLE" remote does not control your TV, VCR, cable/satellite box, or other external component• Make sure correct codes are set.
• Make sure that the front of the media center is not obstructed. The IR emitter that sends commands to your external components is below the disc tray.
• If you still cannot control your external components successfully, you may need to connect the external IR emitter, included with your system, to the IR EMITTER jack on the rear panel of the media center.

Your TV turns on and off unexpectedly• Reposition the TV on/off sensor on the back of your TV. Or check the SCART connector if you use one.
• Verify that the TV on/off sensor is working properly by choosing TV Power Status under Video in the System menu.
TV screen goes dark or image flips repeatedly after making a change to a Video feature in System settings• In the System menu make sure the Video format is set to NTSC (U.S. standard) or PAL (European standard).
• In the Settings menu make sure the SD Progressive Scan setting is off, unless you have used a component video connection and progressive scan is a feature of the TV.
You forgot your password• Enter the numbers 2673 as temporary password to access the parental controls. Then create a new password.