Chigo air conditioner fault codes

Chigo CCB-12HR1 air conditioner fault codes

4LED FaultsDigital displayFailure description
Timer light flashingE2Ambient temperature sensor (T1) failure
Running light flashingE3Evaporator pipe temperature sensor (T2) failure
Defrost light flashingE5Condenser pipe temperature sensor (T3) failure
Warning light flashingF5Water full filled protection
Running light, defrost light flashingE1Indoor unit and wire controller communication failure
Running light, timer light flashingP6Indoor unit EEPROM failure
Defrost light, timer light flashingFOIndoor fan stall protection
Defrost light, warning light flashingF2Outdoor protection
Timer light, warning light flashingEOIndoor unit and outdoor unit communication failure
Running light, defrost light, timer light flashingF3High pressure protection
Defrost light, timer light, warning light flashingF4Low pressure protection
Running light, timer light, warning light flashingF8Outdoor unit exhaust temperature over- high protection
Running light, defrost light, timer light, warning light flashingF9Three-phase electricity phase sequence failure

Chigo KFR-32GWX1c air conditioner fault codes

E4generally means a lack of refrigerant or too low pressure.
E5can mean too high pressure, caused by a kinked pipe or defective valve. Switch off if any error codes occur and contact us immediately, otherwise further damage may occur.
dFis not an error code, it means your system is simply defrosting itself and will resume to normal operation in a few minutes time. This is a standard feature and should be left to complete the defrost, no action is necessary. In wintertime you may notice steam rising from the outdoor unit during defrost, this is normal. It is also common for the outdoor unit to drip water in the winter; this is the moisture condensing on the cold copper coils. Please contact us if you have any doubts about the correct operation of your system.