Coffee makers

Even hundreds of years ago special pots were used for making coffee. Many of them had a wide flat bottom and a sharp spout. Others were made with a wide bulge in the middle.

Coffee makers troubleshooting

300 years ago the Infusion brewing process was introduced in Europe. A lot of innovations from France followed in the second half of the 18th century.

Drip brewing was invented more than 130 years ago, and it has hardly changed since then. The first pot using this method had two levels; it used a cloth sock as a filter. In nineteenth century a number of coffee brewing devices using vacuum principle were invented.

In 1930 Inez Pierce introduced the machine that really automated the whole process. Over the following decade improvements were made by Ivar Jepson and Alfonso Iannelli of Sunbeam. Today there are more than 10 different types of coffee machines available. Many brands work in this sphere, including Bonavita, Technivorm, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Bunn, Mr. Coffee, and Black+Decker.

Coffee maker, like many other small appliances, can be fixed using the simplest tools. Most likely, you will need only screwdrivers and wrenches or nut drivers. Sometimes coffee maker troubleshooting also requires using a multimeter. To find out the solution to your problem, choose the brand of your coffee machine in the list, then find the symptom in the chart. Unplug the appliance and try the possible solutions.