Coleman air conditioner troubleshooting

Blower Runs all of the time1. No heat units do not have 6-pin connector installed.
2. Limit open or not connected.
3. Variable speed break-out tab broken out.
4. Blower OFF delay (approx. 1 min).
5. Thermostat fan switch in *ON" position.
Blown Fuse1. Low voltage short to C or ground from R, Y, G, W, or 0.
No 24V1. 4-pin connector loose.
2. Loose wire from control to transformer (24V and 230V).
3. Blown fuse on control board.
No 2nd stage heat1. Check 6-pin connector and connections to panel mount relays.
2. Verify that both Wi & W2 are connected at the terminal strip.
No Heat or Limited Heating1. Check filter.
2. Closed registers.
3. Restricted airflow (supply registers or return registers)
4. Check blower motor operation.
5. If the safety limit opens 4 times, the control will not permit the heating element to operate for 1 hour.