CyberHome DVD player troubleshooting

The DVD Recorder Does Not Power OnThe AC Power cord may be loose or not plugged in. Make sure the power cord is secure in the AC socket and the connector on the back of the player.
The unit may be in Standby Mode. Turn the player on with the remote POWER button, or if you are using a power strip, make sure the switch is switched ON.
There must be a pause between powering the unit down and back on of a few seconds.
A Specific Disc Does Not PlayThe disc may be dirty. Try cleaning the disc.
Make sure the disc is not in upside-down
The REGION CODE of the disc may not match that of the player. In this case, the disc cannot be used.
The Remote Control Does Not FunctionMake sure you're aiming the remote directly at the player’s remote sensor, located in the front display.
Make sure there are no obstacles between the remote and the player.
The batteries may be drained. Try changing the batteries in the remote.
You could be using the remote too far away. Try within 4 meters of the player.
There is No Picture on the TV ScreenMake sure the connections from the player to the TV are secure.
Verify that the TV’s channel is set to match the video input you're using. Refer to the TV's documentation. On most TVs the "Aux In", 'Video In" or A/V In" channel should match the video input connector.
If you're using the S-Video connector, the TV may have a separate input channel for this type.
The Picture Appears Stretched or SqueezedThe Video Aspect Ratio may be set wrong for your Television type.
Enter the SETUP MENU and select the A/V OUTPUT ► VIDEO menu. Try changing the TV SHAPE setting to 4:3 PanScan (Pan & Scan) if you are using a standard TV, or 16:9 Wide if your TV is a widescreen type.
Live Recording Will Not StartThe Video Input Source may be protected with MacroVision Copy Protection.
The disc may already contain recordings of a different TV System type - PAL or NTSC. If the disc already contains a PAL recording, you cannot record from an NTSC source, and vice versa.
The maximum number of titles or chapters may have been reached.
If the disc is a DVD+R, it may already be FINALIZED.
The Disc Cannot be ErasedThe disc is not a DVD+RW disc.
The disc may be dirty. Try cleaning the disc.
Recordings Do Not Play on Other DVD PlayersIf the disc is a DVD+R, make sure it has been FINALIZED. S The DVD Player may not support DVD+R/RW discs.
Timer Recording Does Not Begin as ScheduledThe Time/Date is invalid or conflicts with another schedule.
The Time/Date settings of the Recorder are incorrect. Set the Time/Date in SETUP. S The specified Video Input Source is unavailable.
The disc is out of space.
The Disc Doesn't EjectIf the player is in Standby Mode with the glowing LED to the left of the disc tray, the disc will not eject. Turn the player on with the Remote Control and then eject the disc.
Distorted Picture when Connected to a VCR or VCR/Combo TVThis DVD Recorder is built with Macrovision copy-protection. This will distort the signal when used with VCRs. Connect the player directly to the TV. Some VCR/TV combos may be incompatible with DVD players.