Dacor microwave troubleshooting

The American company Dacor was founded in the 1965. The initial purpose of the company was to change the conventional sense of the kitchen. Now, the company is the manufacture of the high-class household appliances, including microwaves. The table below will help to detect errors and to troubleshoot.

Part or all of Microwave In-A-Drawer does not operate.• Power cord of Microwave In-A- Drawer'“ is not completely connected to the electrical outlet.Make sure the power cord is tightly con- nected to the outlet.
• Power outage.Check house lights to be sure. Call your local electric company for service.
• Fuse/circuit breaker at home doesn't work.Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
• Microwave In-A-Drawer" is in Demo Mode.
Food in microwave is not heated.• No power to the appliance.See SOLUTION for PROBLEM 1.
• Drawer controls improperly set.Check if the controls have been properly set.
• Drawer is in Demo Mode.
Microwave In-A-Drawer“ light does not work.• Light bulb is loose or burned out.Call for service.
Touch controls will not operate.• Control Lock is on.
Display flashes.• Power failure.Press the STOP/CLEAR key and reset the clock. If the Microwave In-A-Drawer" was in use, you must reset the cooking function.
Steam from the vent.• Normal operation. During microwaing, steam may come from the right side of the vent.