Daikin thermostat error codes

Daikin EKRTW thermostat error codes

1st code2nd codeDescription
1r01 + temperatureDegrees type. Current room temperature is displayed.
Refer also to note below.
O2Choice of hour control. Actual time is displayed.
O3Always enable advanced menu? (no = standard menu enabled)
2rO1Enable comfort startup control?
O2Comfort control speed: time for temp, difference of 4°.
Refer also to note below.
O3Schedule timer override: only 1 hour active? (no = until next action)
3rO1Showing software version

Daikin 910193131 thermostat error codes

No displayCheck for 24 VAC at thermostat; display is blank when 24 VAC is not present.
LOCK displays when any button is pressedThermostat has the button lockout function activated
- - - _ on display instead of room temperatureCheck for a bad connection at the S1 and SC terminals, if used.
Remote Sensor displaysCheck remote sensor temperature
OVERRIDE displaysProgram schedule is in temporary override, it will return to schedule at next transition time.