DeLonghi air conditioner troubleshooting

DeLonghi Pinguino PAC 50  air conditioner troubleshooting

The air conditioner is completely turned offit is not plugged in there is no electricityplug In wait
the air conditioner is on (signal light 13 ) but the appliance doesn't startThe teeth of the timer are in the rest modeproceed with a new setting of the timer
The unit works but does not cool the roomthree minutes have not passed since it was turned onwait three minutes (safety device) before the appliance start cooling.
windows openclose the windows
a heat source is operating in the room (burner, light, etc.) or there are a lot of peopleeliminate heat sources
the air outlet hose has come detached from the couplingfit the hose in the coupling
thermostat adjusted too highlower the thermostat
air filters cloggedclean/replace filters
the output of the unit is insufficient for the con ditions or size of the room
The unit works for only a short timethere is a kink in the exsaust hoseposition the exaust hose correctly
the exsaust hose is blockedcheck there are no blockages preventing the discharge of air to the outside
there are too many curves in the outlet tuberearrange the hose correctly
the fan is blockedcontact the Service Centre