Durabrand DVD player troubleshooting

No power.Insert the AC power plug securely into the power outlet. Make sure your outlet has power. Check the outlet with a lamp.
• Play fails to start even when OK is pressed.1. The disc may be damaged or scratched.
• Play starts but then stops immediately.2. This player cannot play a DVD disc other than region 1 standard.
3. The disc may be dirty and may require cleaning.
4. Ensure that the disc is installed with the label side up (facing you).
5. If your disc is rented, it may be scratched or damaged from a previous renter, you may fix a disk with a polishing machine.
6. Condensation may have formed on your disc. Wait about 1 hour to allow the player to dry out.
No picture.1. Ensure that the equipment is connected properly. Double check all cables and AC power.
2. Select the proper video channel on your TV set VIDEO or CHANNELS 1,2,3, etc.
3. Check if the proper AV input is selected on your TV set video inputs (some TV sets have 3 or 4 different inputs). You may have to press the VIDEO button on your TV.
4. Make sure both the TV and DVD player are on.
• No sound.1. Press AUDIO button several times. The disc may have been set to DTS output or a blank audio channel on multiple language, please select AC-3 output or reset to the main language.
• Distorted sound.2. Make sure the AUDIO output connection and settings are correct.
3. Ensure that the equipment is connected properly.
4. Ensure that the input setting for the TV and stereo system are correct.
5. Adjust volume setting on your TV’s remote or DVD’s remote.
6. Ensure the MUTE button is not pressed on your TV’s remote or DVD’s remote (If yes, press the MUTE button again).
Picture is distorted.1. Picture is distorted during rapid advance or rapid reverse. The picture may be somewhat distorted at times, this is normal.
2. Do you connect your DVD player to your VCR? Please disconnect from VCR.
The REMOTE CONTROL unit does not work.1. Check that the batteries are installed correctly.
2. The batteries are weak or depleted, replace them with new ones.
3. Point the remote control unit at a distance of less than 20 feet (6m) from the DVD player.
4. Remove any obstacles between the remote control unit and remote control sensor.
No rapid advance or rapid reverse play.Some discs may have sections which prohibit rapid advance (or rapid reverse), especially on opening screens.
Faces are too long or no 4:3 (16:9) picture.Choose the correct setup item which matches the TV set used, or change the display type to 4:3 LB
Cabinet vibrates or hums during play.This is normal for high speed reading of DVD discs.
“Wrong Region'' shows on left top corner.Press the OPEN button and replace a good Reaion 1 disc into the player. This player only plays region 1 DVD discs.
No button operates (on the main unit and/or the REMOTE CONTROL unit).Press the ON/STANDBY button on the remote to set the player to the standby mode and then press the ON/STANDBY button again to turn the player to ON. Reset the DVD player by disconnecting the power plug and then re-connecting it (the player may not be operating properly due to lightning, static electricity, damaged or wrong discs, or some other external factors).
Cannot change a menu item.Try changing this item with the DVD door open (not during play).
Audio soundtrack and/ or subtitle language is not at the initial settings.If the audio soundtrack and / or subtitle language does not exist on the disc, the language selected at the initial setting will not be heard/seen. Try setting it up again
No subtitles.Subtitles appear only on discs which contain them.
If subtitles don't show, press the SUBTITLE button to display the subtitles.
Alternative audio soundtrack (or subtitle) Language does not show.An alternative language is not possible with discs which do not have more than one language. In the case of some discs, the alternative language cannot be selected by operating the AUDIO or SUBTITLE buttons. Try selecting it from the DVD menu if one is available.
Angle cannot be changed.This function is dependent on the DVD disc. Even if a disc has a number of angles recorded, these angles may be seen only on specific scenes.
Images appear distorted.If faces seem stretched and too long, your TV shape may be adjusted to 16:9 ratio. Please adjust it to 4:3 for better results or match to your TV type
If your TV set does not have Audio / Video input jacks.1. Buy a newer TV with these jacks.
2. You may try using your VCR's jacks but the color may be distorted due to macrovision licensed DVD protection (against copying discs).
3. Your dealer can sell you an RF Modulator which converts the signals for inputting into the TV's RF input (antenna) jacks. However, your results will never be as good as a new modern TV with proper input jacks.