Dvd players

A DVD player is a comparatively new invention. The first one was released a bit more than two decades ago, in 1994. It was developed by Sony and Pacific Digital Company. The first commercial models appeared at the end of 1996 in Japan, but it was only half a year later that they were introduced in the U. S.

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At that time a DVD player cost as much as $1000. However only three years later you could buy one at a discount retailer for under $100.

When it comes to the brands available, one can choose from more than a hundred manufacturers. And still if you are interested in buying a best seller, it makes sense to pay attention to the products of Sony, Samsung, RCA, Funai, Toshiba, Ematic, LG Electronics, GPX, DBPOWER, Sylvania, and Philips. All these brands consistently have their products listed among the top selling DVD players.

A DVD player may work for ages, but sooner or later the day comes when you press “Play” and nothing happens. Do not call a service engineer at once. Try fixing it with the quick and easy DVD player troubleshooting tips you will find on this website. They may save you a lot of time and money. Select the brand in the list to find the instructions for fixing your DVD player.