Farenheit DVD player troubleshooting

ProblemPossible Solution
No sound• Check if the unit is connected securely with other systems including amplifier or TV;
• Make sure you operate the TV or amplifier correctly.
• Make sure the system setting is correct
Disc can not be played• Make sure the disc has been properly in the tray.
• Check whether there is only disc in the tray.
• Make sure the disc is clean
Remote control does not work• Remove barriers from the remote control. Replace the batteries with new ones.
• Point the remote control at the remote control sensor of the unit.
• Check whether the batteries energy is sufficient
Twisting imageCheck whether the disc is scratched or there is dirt whereof. This player is controlled by micro computer, if any trouble occurs, please turn off the power, reopen it till 10 minutes later, when there is not ruble the moment, you can norm ally operate the player
Button does not workThis may caused by unstable electricity current or other abnormal trouble, please turn off the power, reopen it till 10 minutes later