Fujitsu air conditioner troubleshooting

Real Japanese air conditioners Fujitsu will excellently match the interior of your house and delight you with perfect operation for a long time. The troubleshooting system, which one can see below in form of a chart, will help to conduct timely diagnostics and remove breakdowns in case of their detection.

Doesn't operate immediately:• If the unit is stopped and then immediately started again, the compressor will not operate for about 3 minutes, in order to prevent fuse blowouts.
• Whenever the Power Supply Plug is disconnected and then re- connected to a power outlet, the protection circuit will operate for about 3 minutes, preventing unit operation during that period.
Noise is heard:• During operation and immediately after stopping the unit, the sound of water flowing in the air conditioner's piping may be heard. Also, noise may be particularly noticeable for about 2 to 3 minutes after starting operation (sound of coolant flowing).
• During operation, a slight squeaking sound may be heard. This is the result of minute expansion and contraction of the front cover due to temperature changes.
• During Heating operation, a sizzling sound may be heard occasional. This sound is produced by the Automatic Defrosting operation.
Smells:• Some smell may be emitted from the indoor unit. This smell is the result of room smells (furniture, tobacco, etc.) which have been taken into the air conditioner.
Mist or steam are emitted:• During Cooling or Dry operation, a thin mist may be seen emitted from the indoor unit. This results from the sudden Cooling of room air by the air emitted from the air conditioner, resulting in condensation and misting.
• During Heating operation, the outdoor unit's fan may stop, and steam may be seen rising from the unit. This is due to Automatic Defrosting operation.
Airflow is weak or stops:• When Heating operation is started, fan speed is temporarily very low, to allow internal parts to warm up.
• During Heating operation, if the room temperature rises above the thermostat setting, the outdoor unit will stop, and the indoor unit will operate at very low fan speed. If you wish to warm the room further, set the thermostat for a higher setting.
• During Heating operation, the unit will temporarily stop operation (between 7 and 15 minutes) as the Automatic Defrosting mode operates. During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION Indicator Lamp will flash.
• The fan may operate at very low speed during Dry operation or when the unit is monitoring the room's temperature.
• During SUPER QUIET operation, the fan will operate at very low speed.
• In the monitor AUTO operation, the fan will operate at very low speed.
• In case of Multi-type unit, if multiple units are operated in different operation modes as shown below, the units operated afterward will stop and the OPERATION indicator lamp (red) will flash. Heating mode (or COIL DRY mode) and cooling mode (or dry mode) Heating mode (or COIL DRV mode) and fan mode
Water is produced from the outdoor unit:• During Heating operation, water may be produced from the out- door unit due to Automatic Defrosting operation.