Gree air conditioner troubleshooting

Gree GWH09MB-D3DNA3D air conditioner troubleshooting

The unit can not operte immediately when the air conditioner is restarted.Once the air conditioner is stopped, it will not operate in approximately 3 minutes to protect itself.
There's unusual smell blowing from the outlet after operation is started.This is caused by the odors in the room which have been breathed into the air conditioner.
Sound of water flow can be heard during operation.This is caused by the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
Mist is emitted during cooling operation.Because the air of the room is cooled down rapidly by the cold wind and it looks like the fog.
Creaking noise can be heard when start or stop the unit.This is caused by the deformation of plastic due to the change of temperature.
Air conditioner does not operate at all. • Has the power been shut down?
• Is the wiring loose?
• Is the leakage protection switch in operation?
• Is voltage higher or lower?
• Is TIMER ON in operation?
Cooling (Heating) efficiency is not good.• Is SET TEMP, suitable?
• Is air inlet or outlet obstructed?
• Are air filters dirty?
• Are the windows and door closed?
• Is indoor fan speed set at low speed?
• Is there any other heat source in your room?
Wireless Remote control is not available.• Remote control can't be used occasionally when the air conditioner is disturbed or changing its functions frequently. At that time,pull out the power plug and insert it again to recover the operation.
• Is the remote control out of effective disance to the indoor unit? Are there any obstruction between the remote control and the signal receptor?
• Replace the worn batteries of remote control if the voltage of the batteries is not sufficient.
Indoor unit cannot deliver air• In HEAT mode, when the temperature of indoor heat exchanger is very low, that will stop deliver air in order to prevent cool air. (Within 3min)
• In HEAT mode, when the outdoor temperature is low or high humidity, there are much frost be formed on the outdoor heat exchanger, that the unit will automatically defrost, indoor unit stop blowing air for 3-12mins. During the defrosting, there is water flowing out or vapor be produced.
• In dehumidifying mode, sometimes indoor fan will stop, in order to avoid condensing water be vaporized again, restrain temper- ature rising.
Moisture on air outlet vent• If unit is running under the high humidity for a long time, the moisture will be condensed on the air outlet grill and drip off.
If water leakage in the room• The air humidity is on the high side.
• Condensing water over flowed.
• The connection position of indoor unit drainage pipe is loosed.
Noise from indoor unit emitted.• The sound of fan or compressor relay is switching on or off.
• When the defrosting is started or stop running, it will sound. That is due to the refrigerant flowed to the reverse direction.
H1: Defrosting• It is normal.

Gree GWHD(18)ND3CO air conditioner troubleshooting

Equipment FaultError CodesPossible Causes
Indoor Ambient Temp. SensorF1Short/Open of the Indoor Ambient Temperature Sensor
Indoor Evaporator Temp SensorF2Short/Open of the Indoor Evaporator Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Ambient Temp SensorF3Short/Open of the Outdoor Ambient temp Sensor
Outdoor Coil Temp SensorF4Short/Open of the condenser coil Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Discharge Air Temp SensorF5Short/Open of the Outdoor Discharge Temperature Sensor
Liquid Valve Inlet Temp Sensor65Short/Open of the liquid valve Temperature Sensor
Suction/Gas Valve Outlet Temp Sensorb7Short/Open of the gas valve Temperature Sensor
Indoor Configuration JumperC5Missing Configuration Jumper on Indoor Control Board
High Discharge Temp ProtectionE4Compressor Discharge high Temperature Protection
High Current ProtectionE5Power Supply is not Stable and Voltage Range is too Large
Communication ErrorE6Mis-wired or Communication Failure between the Indoor and Outdoor units
Overload ProtectionE8Overload Protection
Compressor Overheat ProtectionH3Compressor Thermal Overload Protection
IPM ProtectionHSModule Current Protection(namely IPM Protection)
Indoor fan MalfunctionH6Indoor Fan Stopped or Running too Slow
Motor DesynchronizingH7Compressor Desynchronizing
PFC ErrorHePFC Protection
Startup FailureLcCompressor Startup Failure
Phase LossLdCompressor phase Failure/Reverse Protection
Indoor/Outdoor MismatchLPIndoor and Outdoor Units Unmatched (Model or Capacity)
Compressor Current ProtectionPSPhase Over-Current Protection
Radiator Temp Sensor ErrorP7Short/Open Circuit of the Module Temperature Sensor
Radiator Overheat ProtectionP8Module Temperature Protection
4-Way Valve MalfunctionU7Bad Connection, Solenoid Failure or Valve Malfunction
DefrostHINo Failure, System is Dehost Outdoor Coil
Mode ConflictE7Some Indoor Units are Requesting Heat and Some cooling.
DefrostingHIDefrosting Indoor Coil during Heating Mode

Gree KY-26  air conditioner troubleshooting

The unit doesn’t operate at all.Is power tail?It is normal.
Is plug out?Insert the plug into the socket steadily.
Is power fuse or switch off?Change the fuse or switch on.
Is the set time suitable?Change the set time.
Is water full alarm on?Pour the water.
Cooling/Hating efficiency is not goodIs air inlet or outlet blocked? Is there any other heat source in room?Clear off the blocks.
Are air filters very dirty?Move the heat source.
Is the set temperature suitable?Clean the air filter. Change temperature.
Is fan speed set at low?Select suitable fan speed.
Too noisy and vibrationIt is the inner liquid (refrigerant) flowing inside.It is normal.
Is it inclined?Place it in a flat place.
The unit starts and stops frequentlyIs the voltage normal?Turn off the unit it the voltage is abnormal.
Is the exhaust tube fixed rightly or is it bended?Set the exhaust tube correctly.
Have you added extra exhaust tubeRemove the extra tube.

Gree MULTI56HP230V1AO air conditioner troubleshooting

ConditionsCausesCorrective actions
Broken fuse or breaker is oft'Replace the damaged fuse or close the breaker
The unit does not run at allPower oft'Restart the unit after power supply resumes
Power supply plug is loosePlug the power supply properly
The batteries voltage of the remote controller is insufficientReplace with new batteries
Remote controller is out of the control scopeThe distance shall be within 8m
The unit stops soon after it startsAir inlet or outlet of indoor unit or outdoor unit is blockedRemove the obstacles
Air inlet or outlet of indoor unit or outdoor unit is blockedRemove the obstacles
Temperature setting is improperAdjust the setting of remote controller or wire controller
Air speed is set too lowAdjust the setting of remote controller or wire controller
Cooling or heating is abnormalImproper airflow directionAdjust the setting of remote controller or wire controller
Door or window is openClose the door or window
Under direct sunshineHang curtain or blinders over the window
Too many people in the room
Too many heat sources indoorsReduce the heat sources
The filter screen is dirt or blockedClean the filter screen
The unit does not runWhen restart the unit soon after it is stoppedThe overload protection switch of the unit let the startup delayed for three minutes
As soon as power supply is onThe unit will stand by for approximate one minute
The unit blows out mistWhen the cooling operation startsThe hi-humidity air indoor is cooled quickly
The unit generates noiseThe unit “clatters” as soon as it starts runningIt is the sound generated during the initialization of the electronic expansion valve
The unit “swishes” during the cooling operationIt is the sound when the refrigerant gas runs inside the unit
The unit “swishes” when it is started or stoppedIt is the sound when the refrigerant gas stops running
The unit “swishes” when it is in and after the runningIt is the sound when the draining system is operating
The unit “squeaks” when it is in and after the runningIt is the sound of frication generated by the skin plate etc which swells due to the temperature change
The unit blows out dustWhen the unit restarts after it is not used for a long timeThe dust inside the unit is blown out again
The unit emits odorsWhen the unit is runningThe odors absorbed in are blown out

Gree VIR09HP115V1A air conditioner troubleshooting

System does not restartCause: The system has a built-in three-minute delay to prevent short and/or rapid cycling of the compressor.
Solution: Wait three minutes for the protection delay to expire
Indoor unit emits unpleasant odor when startedCause: Typically unpleasant odors are the result of mold or mildew forming on the coil surfaces or the air filter.
Solution: Wash indoor air filter in warm water with mild deanery. If odors persist contact a qualified service professional to clean the coil surfaces
You hear a "water flowing" sound.Cause: It is normal for the system to make “water flowing”or “gurgling” sounds from refrigerant pressures equalizing when the compressor starts and stops
Solution: The noises should discontinue as the refrigerant system equalizes after two or three minutes.
A thin fog or vapor coming out of the indoor unit when system is running.Cause: It is normal for the system to emit a slight fog or water vapor when cooling extremely humid warm air.
Solution: The fog or water vapor will disappear as the system cools and dehumidifies the room space.
You hear a slight cracking sound when the system stops or starts.Cause: It is normal for the system to make “slight cracking ” sounds from parts expanding and contracting during system starts and stops
Solution: The noises will discontinue as temperature equalizes after 2 or 3 minutes
The system will not run.Cause: There are a number of situations that will prevent the system from manning.
Solution: Check for the following:
• Circuit breaker is “tripped" or "turned off."
• Power button of remote is not turned on.
• Batteries in the remote controller are low.
• Remote controller is in sleep mode or timer mode.
• Otherwise, contact a qualified service professional for assistance.
The unit is not heating or cooling adequately.Cause: There are a number of reasons for inadequate cooling or heating.
Solution: Check the following:
• Remove obstructions blocking airflow into the room.
• Clean dirty or blocked air filter that is restricting airflow into the system.
• Seal around door or windows to prevent air infiltration into the room
• Relocate or remove heat sources from the room.
Water leakage from the outdoor unitCause: It is normal for the outdoor unit to generate condensate water in the reverse cycle heating and defrost mode.
Solution: This is normal. No action is required.
Water leaking from the indoor unit into the room.Cause: While it is normal for the system to generate condensate water in cooling mode, it is designed to drain this water via a condensate drain system to a safe location.
Solution: If water is leaking into the room, it may indicate one of the following.
• The indoor unit is not level right to left. Level indoor unit.
• The condensate drain pipe is restricted or plugged. All restrictions must be removed to allow continuous drainage by gravity.
• If problem persists, contact a qualified service professional for assistance.
Wireless remote controller does not work.Cause: There are a number of possible reasons
Solution: Check the following:
• The remote controller was not matched to the indoor unit.
See matching instructions.
• The batteries might be low. Change the batteries.
• The remote controller must be within 25 ft (7.5 m) with no obstructions of the indoor unit If remote controller needs to be replaced, contact a qualified service professional for assistance In the meantime, use the Aux button to operate the system.
The unit will not deliver air.Cause: There are a number of system functions that will prevent air flow.
Solution: Check for the following:
• In heating mode, the indoor fan may not start for three minutes if the room temperature is very be low. This is to prevent blowing cold air.
• In heat mode, if the outdoor temperature is low and humidity is high, the system may need to defrost for up to 10 minutes before beginning a heating cyde.
• In dry mock the indoor fan may stop for up to three minutes during the compressor off delay.
• Otherwise, you should contact a qualified service professional for assistance.
Moisture or condensation on the discharge air buvers or outlet vents.Cause: It is normal for the system to develop condensation or moisture on the discharge air louvers when cooling warm humid air for a long period of time
Solution: The condensation or moisture will disappear as the system cools and dehumidifies the room space.