Gree air mini split troubleshooting

Equipment FaultError CodesPossible Causes
Indoor Ambient Temp. SensorF1Short/Open of the Indoor Ambient Temperature Sensor
Indoor Evaporator Temp SensorF2Short/Open of the Indoor Evaporator Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Ambient Temp SensorF3Short/Open of the Outdoor Ambient temp Sensor
Outdoor Coil Temp SensorF4Short/Open of the condenser coil Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Discharge Air Temp SensorF5Short/Open of the Outdoor Discharge Temperature Sensor
Liquid Valve Inlet Temp Sensor65Short/Open of the liquid valve Temperature Sensor
Suction/Gas Valve Outlet Temp Sensorb7Short/Open of the gas valve Temperature Sensor
Indoor Configuration JumperC5Missing Configuration Jumper on Indoor Control Board
High Discharge Temp ProtectionE4Compressor Discharge high Temperature Protection
High Current ProtectionE5Power Supply is not Stable and Voltage Range is too Large
Communication ErrorE6Mis-wired or Communication Failure between the Indoor and Outdoor units
Overload ProtectionE8Overload Protection
Compressor Overheat ProtectionH3Compressor Thermal Overload Protection
IPM ProtectionHSModule Current Protection(namely IPM Protection)
Indoor fan MalfunctionH6Indoor Fan Stopped or Running too Slow
Motor DesynchronizingH7Compressor Desynchronizing
PFC ErrorHePFC Protection
Startup FailureLcCompressor Startup Failure
Phase LossLdCompressor phase Failure/Reverse Protection
Indoor/Outdoor MismatchLPIndoor and Outdoor Units Unmatched (Model or Capacity)
Compressor Current ProtectionPSPhase Over-Current Protection
Radiator Temp Sensor ErrorP7Short/Open Circuit of the Module Temperature Sensor
Radiator Overheat ProtectionP8Module Temperature Protection
4-Way Valve MalfunctionU7Bad Connection, Solenoid Failure or Valve Malfunction
DefrostHINo Failure, System is Dehost Outdoor Coil