Jenn-air microwave troubleshooting

The American brand Jenn-Air creates luxury kitchen appliances based on innovative technology and exceptional performances. Its range of products includes microwaves. Besides their sophisticated design, they are user-friendly even in case of breakdowns. You just need to opt for the troubleshooting table below.

Oven will not start.• Electrical cord for oven is not plugged in.• Plug into the outlet.
• Door is open.• Close the door and try again.
• A fuse in your home may be blown.• You did not press START.
• The circuit breaker tripped.• Replace fuse or contact a qualified electrician.
• Plug is not inserted into wall outlet properly.• Reset circuit breaker.
• Fully insert the 3-prong plug into wall outlet.
Arcing or sparking.• Materials to be avoided in microwave oven such as metal or foil are used.• Check materials and utensils you can use in microwave oven.
• Spilled food remains in the cavity.• Do not operate with oven empty.
• Clean cavity with wet towel.
Food is not cooked, defrosted enough or overcooked.• Materials to be avoided in microwave oven are used.• Use microwave-safe cookware only
• Oven ventilation ports are restricted.• Check to see that oven ventilation ports are not restricted.
• The cooking time or power level is not at recommended setting.• Check the chart
• Food is not turned or stirred.• Turn or stir food.
LOCK appears on display.• The control is locked.• Press START and hold for 4 seconds to unlock control panel
The oven is not cooking even though the display shows time counting down.• You may be using Timer.• Press STOP/CLEAR to cancel the Timer.
• The door is not securely closed.• Open and close the door.
The turntable will not rotate.• The turntable is not correctly in place.• Check that the turntable is correctly placed on the receptacle. See turntable installation
You do not hear any tone when keypad is pressed or end-of- cooking sound.• You have turned off beep sound.• Reset the setting to beep sound on.