Jensen DVD player troubleshooting

Poor TV Reception• Perform auto programming of the tuner
• Verify antenna condition.
• NOTE: Due to the nature of TV signals, vehicle motion, direction the vehicle is facing, distance from the transmitter, nearby surroundings and weather may adversely affect TV reception. These conditions may result in the following: picture roll, 'snowy' picture, or momentary loss of color.
Poor radio reception (FM modulator installed)• Check the condition of the vehicle's radio antenna.
• Verify that the antenna is fully raised
• If a wired RF modulator has been installed, verify that it's switch is turned to the off position
No power to LCD• Verify +12VDC on red wire at power harness going to the video pod. Verify ground connection.
Power but no video or sound• Verify connections at both ends of source component harness.
IR sensor inoperative• Verify that the batteries in the remote are fresh
• Verify that the remote eye is not obstructed.
• Verify that the infrared transmitter is affixed over the sensor eye of the component to be controlled