KitchenAid oven troubleshooting

KitchenAid Architect Series II oven troubleshooting

Nothing will operate■ Has a household fuse blown, or has a circuit breaker tripped?Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician.
■ Is the appliance wired properly?See Installation Instructions.
Oven will not operate■ Is the electronic oven control set correctly?See “Electronic Oven Control” section.
■ Has a delay start been set? See “Timed Cooking” section.
■ Is the Control Lock set?See “Control Lock” section.
■ Is the Sabbath Mode set?See “Sabbath Mode” section.
■ On double oven models, is one oven self-cleaning?When one oven is self-cleaning the other oven cannot be set or turned on.
■ On double oven models, is the correct oven control being used?The left control is for the lower oven, the right control is for the upper oven.
Oven temperature too high or too low■ Does the oven temperature calibration need adjustment?See “Oven Temperature Control” section.
Warm air coming from oven vent■ Warm air coming from the oven vent is normal. During a self- clean cycle the air stream is increased.
Display shows messages■ Is the display showing a letter followed by a number?Clear the display. See “Display(s)” section. If a letter followed by a number reappears, call for service. See “Assistance or Service” section.
Steam cycle will not operate■ Is the water supply connected to the oven?See the Installation Instructions supplied with this oven.
■ Does the filter need to be replaced?The oven will shut off the steam functions until the filter is replaced. See “Water Filter/Filtration System” section.
Self-Cleaning cycle will not operate■ Is the oven door open?Close the oven door all the way.
■ Has the function been entered?See “Self-Cleaning Cycle” section.
■ On some models, has a delay start Self-Clean cycle been set?See “Self-Cleaning Cycle” section.
■ Has a delay start been set?See “Timed Cooking” section.
■ On double oven models, is one oven self-cleaning?When one oven is self-cleaning, the other oven cannot be set to self-clean.
Oven cooking results not what expected■ Is the proper temperature set?Double-check the recipe in a reliable cookbook.
■ Is the proper oven temperature calibration set?See “Oven Temperature Control” section.
■ Was the oven preheated?See “Baking and Roasting” section.
■ Is the proper bakeware being used?See “Bakeware” section.
■ Are the racks positioned properly?See “Positioning Racks and Bakeware” section.
■ Is there proper air circulation around bakeware?See “Positioning Racks and Bakeware” section.
■ Is the batter evenly distributed in the pan?Check that batter is level in the pan.
■ Is the proper length of time being used?Adjust cooking time.
■ Has the oven door been opened while cooking?Oven peeking releases oven heat and can result in longer cooking times.
■ Are baked items too brown on the bottom?Move rack to higher position in the oven.
■ Are pie crust edges browning early?Use aluminum foil to cover the edge of the crust and/or reduce baking temperature.

KitchenAid KEHC379J oven troubleshooting

The oven will not run• The door is not firmly closed and latched.
• You did not touch EASY MINUTE START.
• You did not follow directions exactly.
• An operation that was programmed earlier is still running.
• You have not entered numbers after touching MICRO COOK.
Cooking times seem too long• The electric supply to your home or wall outlets is low or lower than normal. Your electric company can tell you if the line voltage is low. Your electrician or service technician can tell you if the outlet voltage is too low.
• The cook power is not at the recommended setting.
• Larger amounts of food need longer cooking times.
The turntable will not turn• The turntable is not correctly in place. Make sure the turntable is correct-side up and is sitting securely on center shaft.
• The support is not operating correctly. Remove turntable, check that the turntable support is properly in place and restart oven. If turntable support does not move, call a designated service technician for repair. Cooking without the turntable can give you poor results.
The display shows a time counting down, but the oven is not cooking• The oven door is not closed completely.
• You have set the controls as a kitchen timer. Touch OFF/CANCEL to cancel the Minute Timer.
You do not hear the Programming Tone• You have disabled the tones.
Smoke is coming out of the vent during broiling• This is normal, just as in conventional broiling.
“F” followed by a number appears on Display• There has been a function pad failure. Call for service.

KitchenAid KEB246B oven  troubleshooting

Nothing will operate
The unit is not wired into a live circuit with proper voltage.Wire the unit into a live circuit with proper voltage.
A household fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped.Replace household fuse or reset circuit breaker.
The ovan will not operate
You have not set the electronic control correctly.Refer to the section in this manual describing the function you are operating.
You have programmed a delayed start time.Wait for the start time to be reached.
The Self-Cleaning cycle will not operate
You have programmed a delayed start time.Wait for the start time to be reached.
The Lock Lever is not in the Clean position-all the way to the right.Move Lock Lever all the way to the right.
Fan is not running. If fan is running, you can hear it.Call a KitchenAid service technician for repair.
Cooking results are not what you expectedThe oven is not level.Level oven. (See Installation Instruc- tions.)
The oven temperature seems too low or too high.Adjust the oven temperature.
You did not preheat the oven before baking.Preheat oven when called for in recipe.
The recipe has never been tested or is not from a reliable source.Use only tested recipes from a reliable source.
The pan used is not the correct type or size.Refer to a reliable cookbook or recipe for recommended pan type and size.
There is not proper air circulation around pan when baking.Allow 1V4 to 2 inches (4-6 cm) of air space on all sides of pan. There must be a minimum space of 1 inch.
The display is flashing “88:88"There has been a power failure.Reset the clock.
“F-" followed by a number shows in the displayCall for service.