LLoyd air conditioner troubleshooting

Lloyd air conditioners are designed in accordance with all modern requirements applicable to air conditioners. In particular, there is Lloyd air conditioner troubleshooting system. It assures the quick timely diagnostics in a correct way and points towards the need of repair works. You can just refer to the table below.

Operation is delayed after restartTo prevent blowout of the fuse, the compressor will not operate while the protection circuit is working for about 3 minutes after sudden OFF--ON operation of the power supply.
Fan speed changesoff, very slow and then normalAutomatically happens in heating mode :
-prevents cold air blowing onto occupants when the heating operation is start.
-perform automatic defrosting operation,
-perform low temperature heating operation
Heating operation stops suddenly and defrost-light blinksIn HEAT mode, the indoor unit temporarily stops for maximum of 10 minutes to perform the automatic defrosting operation.
Mist coming out of the indoor unitIn COOL mode, a mist generated by condensation formed with sudden cooling process may be emitted.
Mist may generate due to moisture generated from defrosting process when the air conditioner restarts in HEAT mode operation after defrosting.
Low volume sounds are emitted by the air conditionerHissing soundduring operation or immediately after stopping the air conditioner, refrigerant flowing sound may be head.
Squeaking soundnormal expansion and contraction of plastic and metal parts caused by temperature change during the operation.
Rushing airwhen louver resets its position.
Dust discharges from the unitMay occur when air conditioner is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time.
Emits a peculiar odourVarious smells generated from interior textile, furniture, or cigarette smoke absorbed into the air conditioner may be emitted. If not the case call your suitable contractor.
Changes to fan only while cooling or heating modeRoom temperature reaches the temperature setting of the remote control. If not the case call your suitable contractor.
Operation is erratic, unpredictable or unresponsiveInterference from cell phone towers and remote boosters may cause the unit to malfunction
Disconnect the power and then re-connect.
Press the ON/OFF button on the remote controller to restart operation.
Unit will not operateIs there a power failure?
Has a switch been turned off. a circuit breaker tripped or a fuse blown?
Is the timer operating?
Are the batteries used in the remote controller exhausted?
~ Are the batteries used in the remote controller loaded properly?
Poor cooling or heating performanceAre the air filters dirty?
Is air flow unrestricted in & out of indoor & outdoor units?
Are the temperature and mode settings correct?
Are the windows or doors left opened?
Is fan speed on high and louvers allowing maximum flow?
Is direct or strong sunlight shinning into the room in cooling operation?
Are there other heating apparatus or computers operating, or too many people in the room in cooling operation?
Is the "SILENCE” function is activated? Under "SILENCE ’’operation, noise reduction is prioritized and the air-conditioning performance may become lower.
Indicator lamps continue flashing. Error code appears in the indoor unit, such as: E0,E1,E2.... P1,P2,P3 or F1, F2, F3The unit may stop operation or continue to run in a safety condition (depending on models). Waiting for about 10 minutes, the fault may be recovered automatically, if not. disconnect the power and then connect it in again. If the problem still exists, disconnect the power and contact the nearest customer service center.