Lux thermostat troubleshooting

Touch screen buttons do not function properly. Remove cover, press the reset button located in the bottom left corner then accurately touch 3 target centers on the screen when prompted
Air Conditioning does not turn on even when room temperature is higher then the temperature set point set point.DHCONTROLCOMP is turned ON and dehumidify set point has been reached. This will cause air conditioning to turn off.
Air conditioning turns on in HEAT mode and heating turns on in COOL mode.Reverse the OB valve
PARTIAL LOCK and FULL LOCK do not function.You must not touch the screen for 1 minute for LUXPRO® thermostat to automatically lock.
Thermostat appears normal until the screen becomes blank when the compressor or heating system turns on.You need to connect the “C” wire. 4 wire system will not function unless the heat and compressor contactors can supply enough current to power the thermostat with only 4 wires, if you cannot hook up the “C” wire another possible solution is to connect one 250 ohm 10 watt resistor in the HVAC room, for cooling problems between C and W or in the case of heating problem between C and Y1.
I forgot my PIN and cannot unlock the thermostat.Remove the cover plate, press the reset button located in the bottom right corner, as soon as the message “touch to reset password” appears touch the screen, your PIN will be erased and the thermostat will unlock.