Maytag microwave troubleshooting

The Corporation Maytag produces a wide variety of articles for household and commercial needs. It was founded in the end of the 19th century. Maytag brand is currently owned by Whirlpool, the world-renowned Corporation that owns ten productions located in 5 countries of the world. Thus, the Corporation produces microwaves as well. Below we represent the troubleshooting table for Maytag microwaves.

Maytag ALD510D microwave oven troubleshooting

Microwave oven does not work.• Inserting multiple plugs into one outlet and using them at the same time (blown fuse or breaker).• Avoid using other electrical appliances when you use the microwave oven.
• Microwave oven plug is not inserted tiqhtly.• Insert microwave oven plug securely.
Output power is too low.• Low AC input voltage.• Use the microwave oven at adequate line voltage.
• Food temperature is too low.• This may not be a defect. It is possible that the food should be cooked for a longer time period.
Sparks occur.• Using metallic ware and allowing it to touch the oven wall.• Do not use metallic ware for cooking.
• Ceramic ware trimmed in gold or silver is used.• Do not use any type of cookware with metallic trimming.
Uneven cooking.Inconsistent food thickness, inconsistent fat or moisture distribution within the food products.• Use plastic wrap or lid.
• Stir once or twice while cooking soup, cocoa, milk, etc.

Maytag MMV6178AA microwave oven troubleshooting

ProblemPossible Causes
If nothing on the oven operates• check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit breaker.
• check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit in house.
• check that controls are set properly.
If the oven interior light does not work• the light bulb is loose or defective.
If oven will not cook• check that control panel was programmed correctly.
• check that door is firmly closed.
• check that Enter/Start pad was touched.
• check that timer wasn’t started instead of a cook function.
If oven takes longer than normal to cook or cooks too rapidly• be sure the Power Level is programmed properly.
If the time of day clock does not always keep correct time• check that the power cord is fully inserted into the outlet receptacle.
• be sure the oven is the only appliance on the electrical circuit
If food cooks unevenly• be sure food is evenly shaped.
• be sure food is completely defrosted before cooking.
• check placement of aluminum foil strips used to prevent overcooking.
If food is undercooked• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time, and power levels) were correctly followed.
• be sure microwave oven is on a separate circuit
• be sure food is completely defrosted before cooking.
If food is overcooked• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, power level, time, size of dish) were followed.
If arcing (sparks) occur• be sure microwavable dishes were used.
• be sure wire twist ties were not used.
• be sure oven was not operated when empty.
• make sure metal rack (if used) is properly installed.
If the display shows a time counting down but the oven is not cooking• check that door is firmly closed.
• check that timer was not started instead of a cooking function.
Vent fan starts automatically• if the temperature gets too hot around the microwave oven, the fan in the vent hood will automatically turn on at the level 5 setting to cool the oven. It may stay on up to an hour to cool the oven.
Fault Code - F and a number appear in the display• touch the Stop/Clear pad to clear code.
• if fault code continues to appear, call for service.
Can 1 use a rack in my microwave oven so that 1 may reheat or cook in two rack positions at a time?Only use the rack that is supplied with your microwave oven. Use of any other rack can result in poor cooking performance and/or arcing and may damage your oven.
Can 1 use either metal or aluminum pans in my microwave oven?Usable metal includes aluminum foil for shielding (use small, flat pieces). Never allow metal to touch walls or door.
Sometimes the door of my microwave oven appears wavy. Is this normal?This appearance is normal and does not affect the operation of your oven.
What are the humming noises 1 hear when my microwave oven is operating?This is the sound of the transformer when the magnetron tube cycles on and off.
Why does the dish become hot when 1 microwave food in it?As the food becomes hot it will conduct the heat to the dish. Use hot pads to remove food after cooking. Dish may not be microwave safe.
What does standing time mean?Standing time means that food should be covered for additional time after cooking. This process allows the cooking to finish.
Can 1 pop popcorn in my microwave oven? How do 1 get the best results?Yes. Pop packaged microwave popcorn following manufacturer's guidelines or use the preprogrammed Popcorn pad. Do not use regular paper bags. Use the listening test by stopping the oven as soon as the popping slows to a pop every one or two seconds. Do not try to repop unpopped kernels. You can also use special microwave poppers. When using a popper, be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions. Do not pop popcorn in glass utensils.
Why does steam come out of the air exhaust vent?Steam is normally produced during cooking. The microwave oven has been designed to vent this steam out the top vent.
What are the best cooking utensils to use when convection baking?Use utensils with short sides to allow the hot air to surround the top of your food for browning.
Are there special techniques to know when combination cooking meats?Large cuts of meat should be turned about halfway through the total cooking time. Place meat fat side down first, then fat side up for the final portion of cooking time. This allows for even cooking and nicely browned fat for presentation.

Maytag UMC5100AD microwave oven troubleshooting

Oven will not start.• Electrical cord for oven is not plugged in.• Plug into the outlet.
• Door is open.• Close the door and try again.
• A fuse in your home may be blown.• You did not press START.
• The circuit breaker tripped.• Replace fuse or contact a qualified electrician.
• Plug is not inserted into wall outlet properly.• Reset circuit breaker.
• Fully insert the 3-prong plug into wall outlet.
Arcing or sparking.• Materials to be avoided in microwave oven such as metal or foil are used.• Check materials and utensils you can use in microwave oven.
• The oven is operated when empty.• Do not operate with oven empty.
• Spilled food remains in the cavity.• Clean cavity with wet towel.
Food is not cooked, defrosted enough or overcooked.• Materials to be avoided in microwave oven are used.• Use microwave-safe cookware only
• Oven ventilation ports are restricted.• Check to see that oven ventilation ports are not restricted.
• The cooking time or power level is not at recommended setting.• Check the chart.
• Food is not turned or stirred.• Turn or stir food.
LOCK appears on display.• The control is locked.• Press START and hold for 4 seconds to unlock control panel
The oven is not cooking even though the display shows time counting down.• You may be using Timer.• Press STOP/CLEAR to cancel the Timer.
• The door is not securely closed.• Open and close the door.
The turntable will not rotate.• The turntable is not correctly in place.• Check that the turntable is correctly placed on the receptacle.
You do not hear any tone when keypad is pressed or end-of- cooking sound.• You have turned off beep sound.• Reset the setting to beep sound on.
ERROR (ERROR 1,2) message appears in the display window.• ERROR 1: If door is opened before time countdown appears in the display.• Press STOP/CLEAR and restart using Timed Cooking
• ERROR 2: If the oven has not been plugged into a power supply for more than 5 minutes when you start Sensor Cooking.• Press STOP/CLEAR and wait for 5 minutes to restart from step 1 of Auto Sensor Microwaving
Why couldn't I get good results even though I cooked food using Auto Sensor Cooking?• The food was not covered properly.
• STOP/CLEAR was pressed or the door was opened while the sensor was programming the right cooking time and power level.• Do not open the door or press STOP/CLEAR while display shows SENSOR COOKING.
• The food being cooked was not suitable for Auto Sensor Microwaving.• Use Timed Cooking
• There may have been too much or not enough food to ensure proper results from Auto Sensor Microwaving.• When cooking more than 2 lbs (900 g) or less than 4 oz. (115 g) of food, use Timed Cooking