Microwaves are one of the forms of electromagnetic energy. These are the very short electromagnetic waves, which move with the speed of light (299,79 km per second). In modern apparatus, microwaves are used in a microwave oven, for long-distance and international telephone communications, transmission of telecasts, the function of the Internet on Earth and through satellites. But the microwaves are most known as an energy source for cooking.

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For the first time, the American engineer Percy Spencer from the Raytheon company, which was engaged in production of equipment for radars, discovered the ability of super-high-frequency radiation to heat food stuffs. In the 1942, he worked on a super-high-frequency (SHF) waves emitter and detected this ability of SHF waves, because a chocolate bar melted in the pocket of his jacket, when Spencer was near the apparatus.

Spencer patented his invention in the 1946. The first microwave oven was created by the Raytheon company. It was huge and was intended for quick industrial cooking process.

The Nazis invented a microwave “radiomissor” cooker for their military operations. After the war, the documents, as well as some working models were transferred to the USA.

The Japanese company Sharp produced the first serial household microwave in the 1962. In the 1966, the Sharp firm also developed a rotating dish for the oven; the same company introduced a microprocessor control system in the 1979 and in the 1999, it invented the first microwave oven with an access to the World Wide Web. Today, Sharp is the “number one” producer in the world, having shared the honorary title with Panasonic.

Later, other manufacturers also joined the production of microwave ovens and the problem-solving activity. They are Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, ARG and the others. Each manufacturer seeks to refine his microwave oven models in a different way, developing various useful systems, for example, as AEG microwave troubleshooting.

Thus, microwave ovens were gradually fit with a grill, a convector, a “crisp” and other additional functions and possibilities, with the help of which one can cook the same tasty dishes as in a traditional cuisine and cooking itself became maximally simple. In essence, today the microwave oven turns out to be a combined oven, which can prepare food in five different ways: using a simple SHF; using a grill; using simultaneously SHF and a grill; using a grill with convection; using SHF with convection.

However, these cooks – assistants in the kitchen break and they have to be repaired. For that purpose, reputable companies developed troubleshooting systems containing error codes, for example, Bosch microwave error codes. These wonderful systems contribute to the quickest revelation of malfunctions and their soon correct removal. It very much pleases consumers and significantly facilitates the operation of maintenance of household appliances services.