Midea Air Conditioner troubleshooting

The company Midea attracts new technologies. As a result, the line of its air conditioners has increased functional capabilities. But large functionality can`t help but influence difficulties in device management and its service. And the troubleshooting system presented below in a table is of a great help here.

MalfunctionsCauseWhat should be done?
Unit does not startPower cutWait for power to be restored.
Unit may have become unplugged.Check that plug is securely in wall receptacle.
Fuse may have blown.Replace the fuse.
Battery in Remote controller may have been exhausted.Replace the battery.
The time you have set with timer is incorrect.Wait or cancel timer setting.
Unit not cooling or heating (Cooling/ heating models only) room very well while air flowing out from the air conditionerInappropriate temperature setting.Set temperature correctly. For detailed method please refer to "Using remote control" section.
Air filter is blocked.Clean the air filter.
Doors or Windows are open.Close the doors or windows.
Air inlet or outlet of indoor or outdoor unit has been blocked.Clear obstructions away first, then restart the unit.
Compressor 3 minutes protection has been activated.Wait.
If the trouble has not been corrected, please contact a local dealer or the nearest customer service center. Be sure to inform them of the detailed malfunctions and unit model.