Mitsubishi DVD player troubleshooting

No power• Loose power plug.• Insert the power plug firmly into the wall outlet.
The player does not respond to the remote control.• The remote control is not aimed at the sensor on the player.• Aim the remote control directly at the sensor on the player.
• Obstacles present between the remote control and the sensor.• Remove the obstacles from the signal path.
• The remote control is too far away from the player.• Check room lighting.
• Dead batteries.• Use the remote control within 23 feet of the player.
• Replace the batteries.
No picture• Loose video connection.• Connect the video cables firmly.
• Wrong disc.• Insert a correct video disc that plays on this player.
• Progressive scan is on. (“P.SCAN” lights up in the display.)• If your TV is not compatible with progressive scanning, set “PROGRESSIVE” to “INTERLACE".
Disc cannot be played• No disc.• Insert a disc.
• Dirty disc.• Clean the disc.
• Disc is placed upside down.• Place the disc correctly, with the label side up.
• Parental lock is active.• Cancel the parental lock or change the control level.
No sound• Loose audio connection.• Connect the audio cables firmly.
• The power of the connected audio component is off.• Turn the power of the audio component on.
• Wrong audio output settings.• Correct the audio output settings.
• Wrong input settings on the connected audio component.• Correct the input settings on the audio component.
Distorted picture• Copy protection is active.• Connect the player directly to the TV.
• Immediately after playing, press fast forward or in reverse.• There are some cases where pictures may be slightly distorted, which are not a sign of a malfunction.
• The 1st layer is switching to the 2nd layer, when playing a two layered disc.• Although Pictures may stop for a moment, this is not a malfunction and is quite common.
Audio or subtitle language does not match the setup.• The selected language is not available for audio or subtitles on the DVD.• No malfunction.
The camera angle cannot be changed.• The DVD does not contain sequences recorded from different camera angles.• No malfunction.
Audio or subtitle language cannot be changed.• The DVD does not contain audio source or subtitles in the selected language.• No malfunction.
“Prohibited icon” appears on the screen, prohibiting an operation.• That operation is prohibited by the player or disc.• No malfunction.
A sound different from the value set in SETUP is output.• Some discs in the DVD Audio output sound different from the sound value previously set in SETUP.• No malfunction.