Nest thermostat troubleshooting

Thermostats Nest are very popular devices in the USA and Canada. These stylish gadgets do not only automate all processes related to the maintenance of the optimal climate in the premises, but also study on their own and configure to needs of an owner. And the troubleshooting system presented below in form of a table responds for diagnostics.

Nest doesn’t turn on after installation. Red LED blinking on front.The internal battery is low and needs to charge.If you leave it where it is, it will slowly charge and eventually turn on. This can take an hour or two.
If you have a mini-USB cable and wall charger you can charge it more quickly over USB.
You need to restart or reset the settings on the thermostat.You may need to reset the settings if:
• You need to restart the thermostat.
• Reset Nest Sense features
• To help with troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues.
• The thermostat needs to be reconfigured.
Follow these steps to access the RESET settings:
1. Press the ring to bring up the menu.
2. Turn the ring and select SETTINGS.
3. Turn the ring and select RESET.
4. Select one of the following options: CANCEL, RESTART, SCHEDULE, AUTO- AWAY, NETWORK,TO DEFAULTS.
Nest doesn’t turn on after installation. No LED blinking on the front of the unit.The power was never turned back on.Nest doesn’t turn on until it senses both the that wires are hooked up and power is coming to those wires.
This may happen if you’ve forgotten to turn the power back on to the HVAC system or if you turned the power back on, but there was a fuze or breaker blown during the installation process.
Use normal electrical troubleshooting techniques to isolate the issue to either the fuse/breaker box or a fuse on the HVAC controller board.
Unit seems to be running backwards.If it is heating when it is supposed to be cooling and visa versa, the orientation of the heat pump is probably incorrect.Follow these steps to change the heat pump orientation:
1. Press the ring to bring up the menu.
2. Turn the ring and select SETTINGS.
3. Turn the ring and select ADVANCED.
4. Turn the ring and select HEAT PUMP.
Fan doesn’t come onEither there is an issue with the air handler or with Nest.First, check the wiring to make sure the wires are in the right place and the wire tips are straight and fully inserted into the connectors.
If that doesn’t work, pull out the Rh and the G wires. Carefully hold them together with the copper ends touching for 10-20 seconds.
If the fan turns on there may be a hardware issue with the device, so please contact us.
If the fan did not turn on, there is an issue with the heating and cooling system unrelated to Nest.
Your customer is seeing a question mark on their Nest when they use one of the Nestapps.The Nest apps will show a question mark over the thermostat when the Nest servers can’t communicate with the device. This may happen if:
• The customer’s Internet Service Provider is down.
• The customer’s router is incompatible with Nest.
• The Nest servers are down or undergoing maintenance.

First, you should verify that the customer’s Internet connection is working and that their Wi- Fi network is online.
If it is, check the Nest system status in the upper right of Nest will publish maintenance or outage information there.
The last thing to check is if the customer’s Wi-Fi router is compatible with Nest.
Wi-Fi troubleshooting help can be found here:
Forgot Lock CodeCustomer has forgotten the lock code to their NestNest can be remotely unlocked by logging onto the Nest Account paired with their device from the Nest Web app or from the Nest Mobile app.