Optoma projector troubleshooting

As for any digital appliances, breaking- downs are typical for projectors. The malfunctions of projectors are related to non-compliance with the rules of their service: physical impacts, contacts with dust or moisture. The information below from our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for Optoma projectors will help out specialist to determine and remove the cause of a breakdown, as projectors are very complex appliances.

No image appears on-screenEnsure all the cables and power connections are correctly and securely connected as described
Ensure the pins of connectors are not crooked or broken.
Check if the projection lamp has been securely installed.
Ensure that the "AV Mute" feature is not turned on.
Image is out of focusAdjust the Focus Ring on the projector lens.
Make sure the projection screen is between the required distance from the projector.
The image is stretched when displaying 16:9 DVD titleWhen you play anamorphic DVD or 16:9 DVD, the projector will show the best image in 16: 9 format on projector side.
If you play the LBX format DVD title, please change the format as LBX in projector OSD.
If you play 4:3 format DVD title, please change the format as 4:3 in projector OSD.
Please setup the display format as 16:9 (wide) aspect ratio type on your DVD player.
Image is too small or too largeAdjust the zoom lever on the top of the projector.
Move the projector closer to or further from the screen.
Press "Menu" on the projector panel, go to "Display->Format". Try the different settings.
Image has slanted sides:If possible, reposition the projector so that it is centered on the screen and below the bottom of the screen.
Use "Display->V Keystone" from the OSD to make an adjustment.
Image is reversedSelect "Setup->Projection" from the OSD and adjust the projection direction.
Blurry double imagePress "3D Format" button and switch to "Off' to avoid normal 2D image is blurry double image.
Two images, side-by-side formatPress "3D Format" button and switch to "SBS" for input signal is HDM11.3 2D 1080i side-by-side.
Image does not display in 3DCheck if the battery of 3D glasses is drained.
Check if the 3D glasses is turned on.
When the input signal is HDM11.3 2D (1080i side-by-side half), press "3D Format" button and switch to "SBS".
The projector stops responding to all controlsIf possible, turn off the projector, then unplug the power cord and wait at least 20 seconds before reconnecting power.
Lamp bums out or makes a popping soundWhen the lamp reaches its end of life, it will burn out and may make a loud popping sound. If this happens, the projector will not turn on until the lamp module has been replaced.
If the remote control does not workCheck the operating angle of the remote control is pointed within ±15° both horizontally and vertically to the IR receivers on the projector.
Make sure there are not any obstructions between the remote control and the projector. Move to within 5 m (16 ft) of the projector.
Make sure batteries are inserted correctly.
Replace batteries if they are exhausted.