Briggs & Stratton pressure washer troubleshooting

Even in case of proper operation of Briggs&Stratton pressure washers, some breakages happen, which anyhow need repair. This can be caused by different reasons. So, low pressure or no pressure is one of the most common problems that prevents the most effective use of your pressure washer. In this case, its productivity falls, which increases the time of washing process. Our troubleshooting tables below will help to solve this and other possible problems associated with not working equipment.

Pump has following problems:1. Low pressure nozzle installed.1. Replace nozzle with high pressure nozzle.
• Failure to produce pressure2. Water inlet is blocked.2. Clear inlet.
• Erratic pressure3. Inadequate water supply.3. Provide adequate water flow.
• Chattering4. Inlet hose is kinked or leaking.4. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak.
• Loss of pressure5. Clogged inlet hose strainer.5. Check and clean inlet hose strainer.
• Low water volume6. Water supply is over 100°F.6. Provide cooler water supply.
7. High pressure hose is blocked or leaks.7. Clear blocks in outlet hose.
8. Gun leaks.8. Replace gun.
9. Nozzle is obstructed.9. Clean nozzle.
10. Pump is faulty.10. Contact authorized service facility.
Detergent fails to mix with spray.1. Detergent siphoning tube is not submerged.1. Insert detergent siphoning tube into detergent.
2. Detergent siphoning tube is clogged or cracked.2. Clean or replace filter/detergent siphoning tube.
3. Dirty in-line filter.3. See Inspect In-Line Filter.
4. High pressure nozzle installed.4. Replace nozzle with low pressure nozzle.
5. Detergent shut-off valve is closed5. Open detergent shut-off valve.
Engine runs good at no-load but "bogs" when load is added.Engine speed is too slow.Move throttle control to FAST position. If engine still 'bogs down’, contact authorized service facility.
Pressure washer stops during operation.Out of fuel.Fill fuel tank.