Hampton fan troubleshooting

Hampton Bay is a brand under which a wide range of products, including ceiling fans, lighting, and patio furniture is sold. The goods are distributed through such well-known online and offline stores as Home Depot and Amazon.
Tables below show you the ways of troubleshooting your Hampton fan. They list both quite simple ways to resolve problems and those that may require experience and tools. Even if you don’t feel confident to repair the appliance, we still recommend you trying at least the easiest solutions. There is every possibility that troubleshooting the fan will take not more than a quarter of an hour.

The fan will not start.Check the main and branch circuit fuses or breakers.
Check the line wire connections to the fan and switch wire connections in the switch housing.
Check to make sure the dip switches from the remote control and receiver are set to the same frequency.
The fan sounds noisy.Make sure all motor housing screws are snug.
Make sure the screws that attach the fan blade arm to the motor hub are tight
Make sure wire nut connections are not rattling against each other or the interior wall of the switch housing.
Allow a 24-hour "breaking-in" period. Most noises associated with a new fan disappear during this time.
If using the ceiling light kit, make sure the screws securing the glassware are tight. Check that the light bulb is also secure.
Make sure there is a short distance from the ceiling to the canopy. It should not touch the ceiling.
Make sure your ceiling box is secure and rubber isolator pads are used between the mounting bracket and outlet box.
Lights shut off and will not come back on.This unit is equipped with a wattage limiting device. Lamping in excess of 190 watts will disable your ceiling fan's light kit To reset your light kit you must turn the power off and relamp, keeping the wattage under 190 watts. Restore power to your ceiling fan and continue normal operation.
The remote control is not working.Do not connect the fan with wall mounted variable speed control(s).
Make sure the dip switches are set correctly.
The fan wobbles.Check that all blade and blade arm screws are secure.
Most fan wobble problems are caused when blade levels are unequal. Check this level by selecting a point on the ceiling above the tip of one of the blades. Measure from a point on the center of each blade to the point on the ceiling. Rotate the fan until the next blade is positioned for measurement Repeat for each blade. Measurements deviation should be within 1/8 in. Run the fan for 10 minutes.
Use the enclosed blade balancing kit if the blade wobble is still noticeable.