Husqvarna lawn mower troubleshooting

The Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689, and is thus among the oldest companies in the world. The company based in Stockholm produces robotic lawnmowers, garden tractors, chainsaws, and trimmers, as well as consumer watering products and diamond tools.
Typically, Husqvarna lawnmowers are very reliable, yet sooner or later the day will come when they won t start or will experience other problems. Of course you may call for service at once, but a DIY repair attempt may prove more reasonable. At least, you may try the troubleshooting suggestions for the most common issues (for instance, a lawnmower is not working properly or is not starting).

The engine will not start.The blade switch is engaged.
The steering controls are not locked in the neutral position.
The driver is not sitting in the driver’s seat. The parking brake is not activated.
The battery is dead.
Contamination in the carburetor or fuel line.
The fuel supply is closed or the tap for the fuel tanks is in the wrong position.
Clogged fuel filter or fuel line.
The starter does not turn the engine over.Dead battery.
Poor contacts on the battery terminal cable connections.
Fuse blown.
Ignition system faulty.
Fault in the starter safety circuit.
See Checking the Safety System in the Maintenance section.
The engine runs rough.Faulty carburetor.
The choke control is pulled out with a warm engine.
Defective valves.
Defective piston, cylinder, piston ring, or cylinder head seal.
The cylinder head bolts are loose.
Clogged fuel filter or jet.
Clogged ventilation valve on the fuel cap.
Fuel tank nearly empty.
Defective spark plugs.
The spark plugs are loose.
Defective ignition cable.
Defective spark plug electrode.
Defective spark plug connection.
Rich fuel mixture or fuel-air mixture.
Wrong fuel type.
Water in the fuel.
Clogged air filter.
The engine seems weak.Clogged air filter.
Defective spark plugs. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted.
The engine overheats.Clogged air intake or cooling fins. Engine overloaded.
Poor ventilation around engine. Defective engine speed regulator. Soot in the combustion chamber. Too little or no oil in the engine. Defective spark plugs.
Pre-ignition incorrect.
Battery not charging.Poor contact with battery terminal cable connectors.
The machine moves slowly, unevenly.Parking brake on.
or not at all.Bypass valve on pump open.
Drive belt for the pump slack or has come off. Defective hydraulic system.
Air in the hydraulic system.
Mower deck not engaging.Drive belt for the mower deck has come loose.
Contact for the electromagnetic coupling has loosened.
The blade switch is faulty or has come loose from the cable contact.
The fuse has blown.
Uneven mowing results.Different air pressure in the tires on the left and light sides.
Bent blades.
The chains for suspending the mower deck are uneven.
The chain fixture has come loose.
The blades are blunt.
Driving speed too high.
The grass is too long.
Grass collected under the mower deck.
The machine vibrates. The blades are loose.
The blades are incorrectly balanced.
The engine is loose.