KitchenAid garbage disposal troubleshooting

• Is the power supply cord unplugged?Firmly plug the cord into a live outlet with the proper voltage.
• Has a household fuse or circuit breaker tripped?Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
• Is the drawer completely closed?Close the drawer firmly and start the compactor again.
• Is the Key-Knob turned all the way to START?Turn Key-Knob fully to START and release (model KUCC151)).
• Is the Key-Switch turned to ON?Turn Key-Switch to ON (model KCCC151).
• Did you press ON before pressing START?Press ON button before pressing START button (model KCCC151).
• Is the drawer less than 1/2 full?Drawer must be at least 1/2 full before compactor will compact.
• Is the drawer loaded properly?If anything gets between the ram and the drawer, the ram will return to the “up" position without compacting.
• Is the ram all the way up?Drawer will open only when ram is fully raised.
• To raise the ram on KUCC151 models:Turn the Key-Knob to START and release.
• To raise the ram on KCCC151 models:Press the OFF button, then press the ON button.
There is not enough compaction or force.
• Do you use the compacting cycle frequently enough?Compacting works best when only a few items are loaded.
Bottles don’t break.
• How often do you notice this?Not all bottles break every time, depending on the bottle and the trash load below it.