LG heat pump troubleshooting

LG DMC24DB-1 heat pump troubleshooting

The air conditioner does not operate.• Check room temperature setting?
• Check if circuit breaker is on?
The room has a peculiar odor.• Check that this is not a damp smell exuded by the walls, carpet, furniture, or cloth items in the room.
It seems that condensation is leaking from the air conditioner.• Check the drain hose is connected tight or if indoor unit is installed even.
Air conditioner does not operate for about 3 minutes after turning on.• This is the protector of the mechanism.
• Wait about 3 minutes and operation will begin.
• About 3 minutes delay is applied to protect compressor from frequenty on/off.
Does not cool or heat effectively.• Is the air filter dirty? See air filter cleaning instructions.
• Has the temperature been set correctly?
• Are the indoor unit's air inlet or outlet vents obstructed?
The air conditioner operation is noisy.• For a noise that sounds like water flowing. -This is the sound of refrigerant flowing inside the air conditioner unit.
• For a noise that sounds like the compressed air releasing into atmosphere.
-This is the sound of the dehumidifying water being processed inside the air conditioning unit.
Remote Controller display is faint, or no display at all.• Are the batteries depleted?
• Are the batteries inserted in the opposite (+) and (-) directions?
Crack sound is heard.• This sound is generated by the expansion/constriction of the front panel, etc. due to changes of temperature.

LG Multi V heat pump troubleshooting

ComponentPhenomenonCauseCheck method and Trouble shooting
Not operatingMotor insulation brokenCheck resistance between terminals and chassis
Strainer cloggedChange strainer
CompressorOil leakageCheck oil amount after opening oil port
Stop during runningMotor insulation failureCheck resistance between terminals and chassis
Abnormal noise during runningU-V-W misconnectionCheck compressor U-V-W connection
Outdoor fanHigh pressure error in cooling mode operationMotor failure, bad ventilation around outdoor heat exchangerCheck the fan operation to confirm proper motor functioning. Switch OFF the outdoor unit and remove obstacles, if any, around the HEX. Check connector
Outdoor EEVHeating failure, frequent defrostingBad connector contactCheck connector
No operation sound after switching ON the power supplyCoil failureCheck resistance between terminals
Heating failure, frozen outdoor heat exchanger partEEV cloggedService necessary
Low pressure error or discharge temperature errorEEV cloggedService necessary