Starbucks barista espresso machine troubleshooting

Espresso machines Starbucks Barista are manufactured in the United States. They are directly related to the famous chain of Starbucks cafes known for its special coffee roasting technology. In addition, Starbucks actively supports small farms and eco- friendly ways of coffee cultivation, tries to monitor the quality and gives certificates to producers, whose product and work methods comply with the chain`s requirements. The troubleshooting table below allows you to detect errors and correct malfunctions of Starbucks barista espresso machines.

Machine does not workCoffee maker is not plugged in.Plug the coffee maker in, and/or turn it on.
The power source fuse in the outlet may not be functioning.Check outlet to make sure it is functioning.
Automatic Brewing
Machine does not brew coffee automaticallyThermal tumbler is not properly placed so that it triggers the insertion stop valve.Reposition the tumbler so that it triggers insertion stop valve.
The machine leaksMachine overflows.• Remove Filter Basket holder (4) and thoroughly clean by hand.
• Remove any loose coffee grounds that may be blocking the channel.
• Ensure thermal tumbler is properly inserted into the machine.
Pulling the thermal tumbler from the machine, too much water stayed in the brewing chamber and spilled over the top.• Insert thermal tumbler into coffee maker.
• Complete brewing cycle.
Coffee temperature
Coffee is not hot enough.Ground coffee used to brew coffee was below room temperature.Use ground coffee at room temperature to brew coffee.
Desired coffee temperature is not hot enoughPreheat the thermal tumbler with hot water:
• Rinse the thermal tumbler with hot water.
• Fill the tumbler with the appropriate amount of hot water for brewing.
Minerals in the internal plumbing of machine are affecting the heating processDescale the machine.
Brewed coffee has coffee grinds
There are coffee grounds in the brewed coffee.Coffee grind is too fine.For this machine, Starbucks recommends a medium grind.
Use the table below to obtain a medium grind coffee.
There is too much coffee in the filter basketAdjust the amount of coffee you add to the filter.
The tumbler is not fully inserted.Insert the tumbler in the coffee maker so that it triggers the insertion stop valve.
The filter basket needs to be cleaned.• Clean the filter basket by hand in warm, sudsy water.
• Rinse thoroughly and dry.
Tumbler lid, tumbler or machine has odd odorCoffee machine needs to be cleanedClean the tumbler and machine.
Control buttons
Control buttons do not workControl buttons or timer doesn’t work and/or no lights come on when coffee maker is turned on.• If the control buttons have water around them, this may cause a temporary delay in the functioning of the coffee machine until the control buttons dry out.
• Unplug the machine and let dry for several hours
• Plug in machine when completely dry and test buttons.
Machine parts
Broken partsOne of the parts is broken