Toshiba Satellite TV System troubleshooting

Toshiba is a big transnational corporation from Japan, formed after the merger of two companies Shibaura Seisaku-sho and Tokyo Denki. It produces laptops, televisions, satellite TV systems, recording equipment and other electronics. The company became the developer of several innovations from Japan. Below you can find the Toshiba satellite TV system troubleshooting table, which should help its users in errors` reading and repair.

Computer shuts down and DC IN indicator blinks amberLeave the computer off until the DC IN indicator stops blinking.
Computer shuts down and its DC IN indicator is flashing whiteThis indicates a problem with the heat dispersal system - you should contact your reseller, dealer or service provider.
AC power
AC adaptor doesn’t power the computer (DC IN indicator does not glow white)Check the connections to make sure that the power cord/adaptor is firmly connected to the computer and a working power outlet.
Check the condition of the cord and terminals. If the cord is frayed or damaged it should be replaced, while if the terminals are soiled, they should be cleaned with a clean cotton cloth.
If the AC adaptor still does not power the computer, you should contact your reseller, dealer or service provider.
Battery doesn’t power the computerThe battery may be discharged - connect the AC adaptor to recharge the battery.
Battery doesn’t charge when the AC adaptor is attached (Battery indicator does not glow amber).If the battery is completely discharged, it will not begin charging immediately, in these instances you should wait a few minutes before trying again.
If the battery still does not charge, you should check that the power outlet the AC adaptor is connected to is supplying power - this can be tested by plugging another appliance into it.
Check whether the battery is hot or cold to the touch - if so, it will not charge properly and should be allowed to reach room temperature before you try again.
Unplug the AC adaptor and remove the battery to make sure its connecting terminals are clean - if necessary wipe them with a soft dry cloth lightly dipped in alcohol.
Connect the AC adaptor and replace the battery, taking care to ensure that it is securely seated in the computer.
Check the Battery indicator - if it does not glow, allow the computer to charge the battery for at least twenty minutes. If the Battery indicator starts to glow after this period, allow the battery to continue to charge for at least another twenty minutes before turning on the computer.
However, if the indicator still does not glow, the battery may be at the end of its operating life and should be replaced. However, if you do not believe the battery is at the end of its operating life, you should speak to your reseller, dealer or service provider.
Battery doesn’t power the computer as long as expectedIf you frequently recharge a partially charged battery, the battery might not charge to its full potential - in these instances you should fully discharge the battery and then attempt to charge it again.
Check the Power saver option under Select a power plan in the Power Options.
The following message is displayed on the screen:The charge in the Real Time Clock (RTC) battery has run out - you will need to set the date and time in the BIOS setup application by using the following steps:
WARNING: CMOS Lost Power!!! Press to resume, to Setup.1. Turn on the computer while pressing the F2 key.
2. Release the F2 key when the Toshiba Leading Innovation »> screen appears - the BIOS setup application will load.
3. Set the date in the System Date field.
4. Set the time in the System Time field.
5. Press F10 - a confirmation message will be displayed.
6. Press the Y key - the BIOS setup application will end and the computer will restart.
Cannot enter passwordPlease refer to the TOSHIBA Password Utility section in Chapter 6, Power and Power-Up Modes for further information.
Keyboard problems can be caused by the setup and configuration of the computer - please refer to Chapter 5, The Keyboard for further information.Please refer to your software's documentation to ensure that its is not remapping the keyboard in any way (remapping involves changing or reassigning the function of each key).
Output to screen is garbledIf you are still unable to use the keyboard, you should contact your reseller, dealer or service provider.