Trane heat pump troubleshooting

No response to any thermostat settingMain power offCheck fuses
Defective control transformerReplace
Broken or loose connectionRepair
Defective thermostatReplace
TransformerReset Transformer
Unit short cyclesThermostat or sensor improperly locatedRelocate
Insufficient capacityLow on refrigerant chargeLocate leak, repair and recharge by weight (not by superheat)
Restricted thermal expansion valveReplace
Defective reversing valveSee WSHP-IOM-# for touch test chart
Thermostat improperly locatedRelocate
Unit undersizedRecalculate heat gains/losses
Inadequate water flowIncrease GPM
Scaling in heat exchangerClean or replace
Water too hotDecrease temperature
Water too coldIncrease temperature
High pressure switch openInadequate GPMIncrease water flow to unit
Water too hotDecrease temperature
Overcharged with refrigerantDecrease charge
Defective pressure switchCheck or replace
High head pressureTrash in heat exchangerBackflush
Low water flowIncrease GPM
Overcharge of refrigerantDecrease charge
Non-condensable in systemEvacuate and recharge by weight
Water too hotDecrease temperature
Low suction pressureUnderchargedLocate leak, repair and recharge
Restricted thermal expansion valveRepair / replace
Inadequate GPMIncrease GPM
Low Pressure switch openInadequate GPMIncrease GPM
Water too coldIncrease temperature
Undercharged with refrigerantIncrease charge
Defective pressure switchReplace
Heat transfer fluid too coldRaise water temperature. For smaller tonnage units, switch pressure switch wires from 35 psig to 7 psig
Freezestat openInadequate GPMIncrease GPM
Water too coldIncrease GPM
Defective freezestatReplace freezestat
Heat transfer fluid too coldReplace freezestat. For smaller tonnage units, switch pressure wires from 35 psig to 7 psig.