Can’t imagine your kitchen without an oven? Then you will not be surprised that the first “prototypes” of an oven appeared as early as 29,000 BC. They were found during archaeological excavations in Central Europe. Over the following thousands of years people were experimenting with materials, heating technologies, shapes and sizes.

Ovens troubleshooting

Ovens or hearths of some type or another were found in Ukraine (20,000 BC), Mezhirich, Indus Valley and pre-dynastic Egypt (5000–4000 and 3200 BC), as well as in Ancient Greece. During the Middle Ages earth and ceramic ovens were replaced by fireplaces with cauldrons.

Experiments in design and technology go on today. Ovens of more than 30 home appliance manufacturers are available on the market. GE, MayTag, NuWave, Breville, BLACK+DECKER, Oyama, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Rosewill are among the bestselling brands

Although an oven is a technically complicated machine, in many cases it is possible to fix it without special training. Find the symptom your oven is experiencing in our ovens troubleshooting guide and try the solutions suggested. There are all the most common issues, such as little or no heat or problems with the timer. You will find out what to do if the oven will not start, if your cooktop element will not heat or gas igniter will not light.