Pioneer DVD player troubleshooting

After the counters of electronics stores were flooded with DVD players, these excellent apparatuses also appeared on a table of repairs. How practice shows, there are similar malfunctions of DVD players in a basic mass. All malfunctions of the type of “No disk” or “Error”, random hangs-up during reproduction, etc. are specified below in our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for Pioneer DVD players.

DVD/VCR does not operate.•Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
•Try another AC outlet.
• Power is off. check fuse or circuit breaker.
•Unplug unit, then plug it back in.
• Select the DVD or VCR mode before operating.
No picture.• Antenna connection is not correct or antenna cable is disconnected.
• Check the unit is connected correctly.
• The video channel is not in the correct position or the TV is not set to the video channel 3 or 4.
• The video input selector of the TV is not set to VIDEO. Set to VIDEO (or equivalent).
• Channel is set to the external mode.
No sound.• Check the unit is connected correctly.
• Check the input selector of the amplifier is set property.
• The unit is in the Special playback mode.
The remote control does not function.• Aim at the remote control at the remote sensor.
• Operate within Approx. 5 Meters (15 ft.) or reduce the light in the room.
• Clear the path of the beam.
•The batteries are weak. Replace the batteries.
• Check the batteries are inserted correctly.
No CABLE reception.•Check all CABLE connections.
•Station or CABLE system problems, try another station.
TV recording does not work.• The erase prevention tab of the video cassette is broken off.
•The unit is in the external input mode.
Timer recording does not work.• The time is not set correctly.
• The recording start/end time is not set correctly.
• TIMER REC has not been pressed (03 is not lit).
Noise bars on screen.• Tracking adjustment beyond range of automatic tracking circuit. Try Manual tracking adjustment.
• Video heads are dirty.
• The tape is worn or damaged.
Display is not shown in your language.•Select proper language in the menu options.
Playback doesn't start.• No disc is inserted.
•The unit cannot play DVD-ROMs. etc.
• The disc may be dirty. Clean up the disc.
Stopping playback, search, slow-motion play, repeat play, or program play. etc. cannot be performed.• Some discs may not do some of the functions.
No picture, or the screen is blurred or divided into two parts.• The S-VIDEO/COMPONENT selecter is not set correctly.
• The progressive scanning mode is active through the unit is connected to a TV via the VIDEO OUT jack.
No 4:3 (16:9) picture.• The setup does not match your TV.
No on-screen display.• Select Display On.
No surround sound.• The setup does not match your stereo system.
The unit or remote operation key is not functioning.•Turn off the unit and unplug the AC power cord for several minutes, then replay it.
Playback does not start when the title is selected.• Check the Parental setup.
Audio soundtrack and/or subtitle language is not changed when you play back a DVD.• Multilingual language is not recorded on the DVD disc.
No subtitle.• Some discs have no subtitles.
• Subtitles are cleared. Press SUBTITLE.
Angle cannot be changed.• Multi-angles are not recorded on the DVD disc.
A appears on the screen.• The function is prohibited with the unit or the disc.