Polaroid DVD player troubleshooting

No powerIs the power cord firmly plugged into the power outlet?
One of the safety mechanisms may be operating. In this event, unplug the player from the power outlet briefly and then plug it in again
No pictureCheck that the system S cables are connected securely
The video connecting cord is damaged. Replace it with a new one
Make sure you connect the system to the video input connector on your TV
Make sure you turn on the TV
Make sure you select the video input on the TV so that you can view the pictures from this system
The picture quality is lowClean the disc
If video from this system has to go through your VCR to get to your TV, the copy-protection applied to some DVD programs could affect picture quality. If you still experience problems after checking your connections, please try connecting your DVD system directly to your TV's S-Video input, if your TV is equipped with this input
The aspect ratio of the screen cannot be changed even though you set TV TYPE in the SETUP menu when you play a wide pictureThe aspect ratio is fixed on your DVD disc
If you connect the system with the S-Video cable, connect directly to the TV. Otherwise, you may not be able to change the aspect ratio
Depending on the TV, you may not be able to change the aspect ratio
There is no sound or only a very low-level sound is heardThe system is in pause mode, in slow-motion play mode, or fast forward or fast reverse is performed.
Make sure that the audio cable is connected securely
External noise is heardCheck that the connecting cords are away from a transformer or motor
Move your TV away from the audio components
The plugs and jacks may be dirty. Wipe them with a doth slightly dampened with alcohol
Clean the disc
The sound loses stereo effect when you play CDSet the Audio mode to STEREO in the SETUP menu
Make sure you connect the system cables appropriately
The surround effect is difficult to hear when you are playing a Dolby Digital sound trackDepending on the DVD disc, the output signal may not be the entire 5.1 channel but may be monaural or stereo even if the sound track is recorded in Dolby Digital format. The language for the subtitles cannot be changed when you play a DVD
Multilingual subtitles are not recorded on the DVD
Changing the language for the subtitles may be prohibited on the DVD
The subtitles cannot be turned off when you play a DVDDepending on the DVD you may not be able to turn the subtitles off
The angles cannot be changed when you play a DVDMulti-angles are not recorded on the DVD
Make sure to change the angles when the angle mark appears on the TV screen
Changing the angles may be prohibited on the DVD