Eiki projector troubleshooting

As for any digital appliances, breaking- downs are typical for projectors. The malfunctions of projectors are related to non-compliance with the rules of their service: physical impacts, contacts with dust or moisture. The information below from our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for Eiki projectors will help out specialist to determine and remove the cause of a breakdown, as projectors are very complex appliances.

Eiki LC-XNS series projector troubleshooting

Problems- Solutions
No power- Plug the power cord of the projector into the AC power outlet.
- Check whether the POWER indicator lights red.
- Only when the POWER indicator lights red you can power on the projector again.(Page 20)
- Check the WARNING indicator. If it lights red, the projector can not be powered on.(Page 54)
- Check the projection lamp.(Page 57)
- Unlock the "Key lock" function.(Page 41)
No initial displaying- Make sure that Logo function is not set to ”Off"(Page 44)
Initial displaying is inconsistent with factory defaults- Make sure that Logo function is not set to "User" or "Off" (Page 44)
Input signals are automatically switched (can’t be switched)- Properly adjust the Input search function.(Page 43)
Ambiguous images- Adjust the focus.(Page 24)
- Set a more proper projection distance.(Page 15)
- Check whether the lens needs to be cleaned.(Page 56)
- When moved from a environment with low temperature to the one with higher temperature, water will be condensed on the lens. If so, you have to wait till the condensed water disappears.
Image turns over leftward/rightward - Check the function of “Ceiling”.
Image turns over upward/downward- Check the function of “Ceiling”.
Image not bright enough-Check whether the contrast or brightness is adjusted correctly. (Pages 37 - 38)
- Check whether the Image mode is properly selected.(Page 36)
- Check the lamp control function.(Page 40)
-Check the WARNING indicator. If the indicator lights red, it means the service life of the lamp is over. You should replace the lamp with a new one of the same model immediatelv(Paqe 54)
No image- Check the connection between computer or video equipment.
- Check with the signal from computer is correct. If connected to certain laptops, the settings of their video adapters need to be changed. You can refer to the operating instructions of the computer for such modification.
- It takes 20 senconds to display an image after turning on the projector. (Page 20)
- Check the input signal, color system, video system or computer system mode.
- Make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed the permitted operating temperature(41’F-95'F[5'C-35’C])
- If BLANK function is enabled, no image will appear on the screen. You can press the BLANK button or other button on the remote control.
No Sound- Check the audio cable connection from audio input source.
-Adjust the audio source.(Page 25)
- Press the VOLUME + button.(Page 25)
- Press the Mute button.
- When the AUDIO OUT is plugged in. the projector’s built-in speaker is not available.
- Is the image projected? The sound can only be heard when the image is projected.
The color is abnormal- Check the input signal, color system, video system or computer system mode.
- Make sure that Blackboard is not selected in Image Mode menu.
Auto PC adj. function does not work.- Check the Input signal. Auto PC adj. function can not work when
The Settings cannot be saved after turing off the projector.- Make sure you selected “Store" after adjusting settings.
Power management function does not work.- Power management function can not work while Freeze or Blank function is running.(Page 46)
Logo function does not work.- Check connections and input source.
Auto setup function does not work.- Make sure no function in the Auto setup menu is set to “OfT.(Page 43)
- Make sure “On” is not chosen in the Ceiling function.(Page 32)
The image is distorted or disappears.- Check and adjust “PC adjust” menu or “ Screen size" menu.
PIN code dialog box appears at start-up- PIN code lock is being set.
The remote control does not work.- Check the batteries.
- Make sure no obstruction is between the projector and the remote control.
Make sure you are not too far from the projector when using the remote control. Maximum operating range
- Unlock the Key lock function in the Setup menu for the remote control.
Indicators light or flash.Refer to Indicators and projector condition to Check the status of the projector.
Exclamation mark appears on the screen.- Your operation is invalid. Operate correctly.
Top control cannot be operated.- Unlock the Key lock function in the Setup menu for the top control.
Unable to unlock the Logo PIN code, Key lock or PIN code lock.- Contact the dealer or the service center.

Eiki LC-X3 series projector troubleshooting

Problem:Try these Solutions:
No power.• Plug the projector into an AC outlet.
• Turn the MAIN ON/OFF switch to ON.
• Press the POWER ON/OFF switch to ON.
• Be sure the READY INDICATOR light is ON.
• Wait 90 seconds after the projector is turned OFF before turning the projector back on.
NOTE: After pressing the POWER ON/OFF button to OFF. The projector functions as indicated.
1. The LAMP POWER indicator will light and the READY indicator will turn off.
2. After 90 seconds, the READY indicator will light green again and the projector may be turned on by pressing the POWER ON/OFF button.
• Check temperature warning indicator. If the indicator flashes red, the projector cannot be turned on. (See "BASIC OPERATION" section on page 32).
• Check the projection lamp.
• Replace the lamp cover. (Check the interlock switch inside of the lamp cover.)
Image is out of focus.• Adjust the focus.
• Make sure the projection screen is at least 4.9' (1.5 m) from the projector.
• Check the projection lens to see if it needs cleaning.
NOTE: Moving the projector from a cool temperature location to a warm temperature location may result in moisture condensation on the lens. In such an event, leave the projector OFF and wait until condensation disappears.
Picture is T/B inverted.Check Reverse T/B feature. (See "SETTING" section on pages 48 - 49).
Picture is UR Reversed.Check Reverse L/R feature. (See "SETTING" section on pages 48 - 49).
Some displays are not seen during the operation.Check Display feature. (See "SETTING" section on pages 48 - 49).
No sound.• Check audio cable connection from audio input source.
• Adjust audio source.
• Press the VOLUME (+) button.
• Press the MUTE button.
Remote control unit doesn't work.• Check the batteries.
• Make sure nothing is blocking between the remote control sensor and remote control unit.
• Make sure you are not too far from the projector when using the remote control unit. {Maximum operate range 16.4' (5 m)}.
• Check the transmitted signal mode from the remote control unit. (See "SETTING" section on pages 48 - 49).
Wireless mouse function does not work.• Check the cable connection between the projector and the computer.
• Check the mouse setting on your computer.
• Turn on the projector before you turn on the computer.