It is a normal practice of each family to hoard food for several days or weeks. However, this was not always the case. Just a century ago, perishable food was stored in basements and cellars.

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The American Thomas Moore occupied with transportation of butter invented the first “refrigerator”. His refrigerator consisted of a steel case wrapped in coneys placed into a wood bucket and filled with ice from the top.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, artificial ice was created for the first time. The method introduced by John Gorrie among time was used for creation of refrigerators used in brewing and meat industry, as well as for railway refrigerator cars.

In the 1858, a colossal discovery was made: the receipt of artificial cold at the expense of absorption of ammonia. 20 years later, it helped to create a compressor capable to mass-produce artificial ice. Large refrigerating sets were used in slaughterhouses and at food factories.

The first household electric refrigerator appeared in the 1913. Toxic substances were used as cooling liquid in it. 13 years later, a renowned absorption Einstein refrigerator was invented. Simultaneously with it, a harmless, noiseless and durable refrigerator, which was intended for home use, was produced by a Danish engineer. The General Electric company acquired the patent for the last invention and since those times the era of home refrigeration sets began.

Since the 1930, Freon has been being used in the household freezers as refrigerant. A decade later, refrigerators with freezing chambers even with isolated ones appeared, inter alia, in the 50-60s, models with defrosting function appeared in the market.

The modern household refrigerators are distinguished by many features from those ones, which were produced a half-century ago. They are almost noiseless, economical from a perspective of expenditure of electricity, have a comfortable and stylish exterior and interior design, as well as can delight by a long service life.

However, despite the extended service life, modern refrigerators break down from time to time, they require maintenance service. For this purpose, many companies create troubleshooting systems with a complete set of error codes. For example, there is LG refrigerator troubleshooting system.

These useful troubleshooting systems contribute to a quick revelation and removal of breakdowns of refrigerators. The whole information can be found on- line by links. The very simple tables understandable even for a layperson are presented there. Here is an example, the link to Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting. At the same time, professionals must run plain in admiration for this reasonable prompt. All they have to do is to get in by the link and find the appropriate error code. Then they should act according to the instructions. It’s very simple and clear.