Rinnai gas heater troubleshooting

Error CodeProbable CauseComments
Power failureWhen power failure is sensed operation stops.
11Miss ignitionFlame current does not reach 0.1/A within the given time, after solenoid valve opens.
12Flame failureFlame rod current remains below 0.1/A for 3 seconds during initial combustion.
14Over heat safety deviceHigh-limit temperature thermistor or thermal fuse has activated.
16Over temperature cut offRoom temperature is sensed as being above 40°C for longer than 10 minutes.
31Room temperature thermistor disconnectionRoom temperature thermistor open circuit
32Room temperature thermistor short circuitRoom temperature thermistor wire trapped, touching bare metal
33High-limit thermistor disconnectionHigh limit thermistor open circuit for over 2 seconds
34High-limit thermistor short circuitHigh limit thermistor short for over 2 seconds
53Abnormal spark sensedSparker not OFF within 20 seconds at time of ignition
1st spark sensed not within 2 seconds
2nd spark sensed spark not continuous for 1 second after solenoid valve opens
61Abnormal combustion fan motor rpmSpeed is not achieved within time or goes over speed level
70ON/OFF switch failureON/OFF switch on continuously for more than 15 seconds
71Solenoid valve checkSolenoid valve(s) (SVj, SV2) signal and response signal are different.
72Flame rod failureFlame rod current should not go below 0.1//A within 20 seconds of starting.
73Communication failureData transfer between CPU and E2PROM fails.

Fault SymptomError CodesCheck Points / Remedy
The Economy indicator will not come ON.Confirm that Economy Mode has been selected
Confirm electrical cord is securely into the power point
After having pressed the ON - OFF switch the appliance will not operate.11Check gas supply …1
Confirm no gas escapes …1
Check for air in the gas supply …1
Reconfirm gas type specified …1
Insufficient heating.Check selected room temperature setting …2
Check for blocked air filter …3
Check for an obstruction in the warm air flow …4
Reconfirm gas pressure at appliance …1
Burner goes out during operation.12, 14, 16Ensure flue terminal is not blocked …5
Ensure air filter is not blocked …3
Power Failure …8
Check for an obstruction in the warm air flow …4
Confirm no gas escapes …1
Check for flash back …6
Check for high room temperature …7
Reconfirm electrical supply at power point …8
Gas odour.Confirm no gas escapes (at connection) …1
Product of combustion leak …9
Power failure.Power failure ( > 0.2 seconds …8