Royal air conditioner troubleshooting

Royal Sovereign ARP-1000DE air conditioner troubleshooting

The air conditioner does not run:• Is the air conditioner plugged in?
• Reset plug breaker by pressing reset buttons until green light is illuminated on plug.
• Is there a power failure?
• Is the comp / 'full water' indicator flashing?
• Is the room temperature below the set temperature?
The machine seems to do little:• Is there direct light? (Please pull down the curtain.)
• Are too many windows or doors open?
• Are there too many people in the room?
• Is there something in the room producing heat?
The machine seems to do nothing:• Is the filter dusty or contaminated?
• Is the air intake or output blocked up?
• Is the room temperature below your selected temperature?
Too noisy:• Is the machine positioned unevenly Creating Vibration?
• Is the floor underneath the machine uneven?
The compressor doesn't run:• It is possible that the overheat protection of the compressor is on. Just wait for the temperature to drop.

Royal Sovereign ARP-1000ES air conditioner troubleshooting

Does not runIf the surge protector is tripped. Press the reset button the the LCI plug. Please wait for 3 minutes and start again, protector device may be preventing unit from working.
If batteries in the remote control need replacement.
If the plug is not properly plugged in.
Operates for short time onlyIf the set temperature is close to room temperature, you should lower the set temperature.
Air outlet may be blocked by obstacle. Take the obstacle away.
Runs but not coolingIf the door or window is open.
If there is other appliance heating room, such as heater or lamp, etc. Check air filter, clean if necessary.
Air outlet or intake may be blocked.
Set temperature is too high.
Does not run and water full indicator lightsDrain the water into an ample container by the drainage pipe on the rear panel of the unit.
If still doesn't work, please consult a qualified technician.

Royal Sovereign ARP-7010  air conditioner troubleshooting

TroublesPossible Causes
Air Conditioner does not operate- Check and reset the power plug. Wait 3 minutes and try to run the unit again.
- The batteries in the remote may need to be replaced. Replace the batteries and try to run the unit again.
- Make sure the plug is properly plugged into the outlet.
- The set temperature may be too close to room temperature. Lower the set temperature.
- The air outlet may be blocked. Check the air outlet and remove any items that may be found.
Air Conditioner runs but does not cool- Check the room for open doors or windows and close them.
- There may be another appliance in the room giving off heat. Check the room and turn off the appliance.
- The air filter may be dirty. Check the filter and clean if necessary
- The air exhaust or intake may be blocked.
- The set temperature may be too high. Check the set temperature and reduce it if necessary
Water Full indicator is lit up- Unit needs to be drained.
Water is leaking from the unit- Make sure unit is on a flat surface
- Drain the unil
Machine automatically turns off- Timer may have been set to shut off. Turn power back on.
LED displays shows EO- Room temperature sensor error
LED display shows E1- Evaporator sensor error
LED display shows E2- Water pump error
LED display shows E3- Condenser sensor error

Royal Sovereign ARP-8085CA air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossibleSuggested Remedies
The air conditioner does not turn onThere is no current.Wait
It is not plugged into the electrical outlet.Plug into the electrical outlet.
The internal safety device has tripped.Wait 30 minutes, if the problem persists, contact customer service.
The air conditioner works for a short time onlyThere are bends in the air exhaust hose.Position the air exhaust hose correctly, keeping it as short and free of curves as possible to avoid bottlenecks.
Something is preventing the air from being discharged.Check and remove any obstacles obstructing air discharge.
The air conditioner works, but does not cool the roomWindows, doors and/or curtains open.Close doors, windows and curtains, bearing in mind the "tips for correct use".
There are heat sources in the room (oven, hairdryer, etc).Eliminate the heat sources.
The air exhaust hose is detached from the unit.Fit the air exhaust hose in the housing at the back of the unit (fig. 1).
During operation, here is an unpleasant smell in the roomAir filter is plugged.Clean the filter.
The air conditioner does not operate for about three minutes after restarting itThe internal compressor safety device prevents the unit from being restarted until three minutes have elapsedWait. This delay is part of normal operation.
The following message appears on the display: Lh /PF/FLThe unit has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions.See the SELF-DIAGNOSIS section.

Royal Sovereign RWC-4000E air conditioner troubleshooting

Wine cooler does not operate.• Not plugged in.
• The circuit breaker tripped or blown fuse.
Wine cooler is not cold enough.• Check the temperature control setting.
• External environment may require a higher setting.
• The door is opened too often.
• The door is not closed completely.
• The door gasket does not seal properly.
Compressor turns on and off frequently• The room temperature is hotter than normal.
• A large amount of contents has been added to the wine cooler.
• The door is opened too often.
• The door is not closed completely.
• The temperature control is not set correctly.
• The door gasket does not seal properly.
• The wine cooler does not have the correct clearances.