Saeco coffee machine troubleshooting

Saeco Nina Bar coffee machine troubleshooting

The machine does not switch onNo power supplyCheck the electrical circuit
The machine does not warm upThe thermostats have intervenedReplace the thermostats (if of the One shot type)
The power supply does not reach the boilerIf they are manual, reset them If they are automatic, they are reset automatically Check the electrical connections
The pump is very noisyThere is no water in the tank The pump has disengaged from the supportsFill the tank
The silicone pipe that carries the water from the tank to the pump is pinched or blockedInsert the pump into the supports once again
Check the water circuit
The coffee is too coldThe filter holder is not inserted for the pre-heating process The cups are coldRun hot water through the filter holder
Pre-heat the cups with hot water
The milk does not frothThe milk is not suitable (powdered or skimmed milk)Use whole milk
Dirty nozzle or Cappuccino makerCarefully dean the nozzle or the cappuccino maker with water
The coffee flows too quickly and does not form the creamLittle coffee in the filter holder Grinding level too coarse There is a missing component in the filter holderIncrease the quantity Use a different mixture Verify that all the components are in place and installed correctly
The coffee does not flow or it flows in dropsGrinding level too fineUse a different mixture Agitate the coffee
The coffee is pressed too much in the filter holderReduce the amount of coffee Descale the machine Carefully dean the filter
Too much coffee in the filter holder Blocked water channels Blocked filter in the filter holder
The coffee does not flow from the edgesThe filter holder has been inserted incorrectly into the coffee dispensing unit The upper border of the filter holder is dirtyInsert the filter holder correctly Clean the edges of the filter holder
The seal of the boiler is dirty or wornClean or replace the seal Reduce the amount of coffee
Too much coffee in the filter holder

Saeco RI975243 coffee machine troubleshooting

The machine does not turn on.The machine is not connected to the power source.Connect the machine to the power source.
The plug has not been plugged into the back of the machine.Insert the plug into the machine's power socket.
Machine in stand-by.Press the brew button to start the machine.
Coffee is not hot enough.The cups are cold.Warm the cups with hot water.
Hot water or steam is not dispensed.The hole of the steam wand is clogged.Clean the hole of the steam wand using a pin.
Coffee has little crema.The coffee blend is unsuitable or coffee is not freshly roasted.Change coffee blend.
The machine takes a long time to warm up or the amount of water dispensed from the wand is too little.The machine circuit is obstructed by limescale build-up.Descale the machine.
The brew group does not come out.The brew group is out of place.Turn the machine on. Close the service door. The brew group is automatically placed in the correct position.
Coffee grounds drawer is inserted.Remove the dregdrawer first, then the brew group.
The machine grinds the coffee beans butWater tank is empty.Fill the water tank and prime the circuit again.
no coffee comes out. (see note)Brew group is dirty.Clean the brew group.
Circuit is not primed.Prime the circuit again by dispensing water from the steam wand.
Rare event that occurs when the machine is automatically adjusting the dose.Brew a few coffees as described in the manual.
Knob to adjust the quantity of coffee per cup is in wrong position.Turn the knob clockwise.
The coffee is too weak, (see note)Rare event that occurs when the machine is automatically adjusting the dose.Brew a few coffees as described in the manual.
Coffee is brewed slowly. (see note)Coffee is too fine.Change coffee blend.
Circuit is not primed.Prime the circuit again by dispensing water from the spout
Brew group dirty.Clean the brew group.
Coffee leaks out of the dispensing head.Dispensing head is clogged.Clean the dispensing holes with a soft cloth.
Brewing does not start.Coffee bean hopper cover is in wrong position.Correctly place the cover on the coffee bean hopper and press it firmly.

Saeco TALEA coffee machine troubleshooting

Turn machine off and on to solve the problemTurn the appliance off and then back on after 30 seconds to resolve the fault.
Call Service CentreThe problem requires the intervention of the Service Centre
Insert drip trayInsert the drip tray
Close coffee bean hopper lidThe coffee bean hopper lid must be dosed to produce beverages.
Insert ground coffeeThis message is shown if the user selected the use of this type of coffee when the products were specifically programmed.
Insert brewing unitInsert the brewing unit in its intended location
Insert dreg drawerInsert the dreg drawer
Empty dreg drawerRemove the dreg drawer and empty. NOTE: the dreg drawer must only be emptied when the appliance is switched on. The drawer must be removed for at least 5 seconds. If the drawer is emptied when the appliance is switched off the message is not reset.
Close side doorClose the service door.
Fill water tankFill the water tank
Empty residual water trayEmpty residual water tray
Prime circuitStart the automatic water cycle filling The appliance makes 5 attempts to fill the cyde automatically. If these attempts fail, the Service Centre must be informed about these ventilation attempts.
The descaling cycle did not run correctly.Repeat the operation as described in the appropriate chapter in the instruction booklet
Replace Aqua Prima filterThis message is only displayed if the filter control is enabled (see notes in the instruction booklet)
The filter should be replaced in the following cases:
1) Over 60 litres of water have been dispensed for drinks
2) 90 days have elapsed since installation
3) 20 days have elapsed since the coffee maker was last used.
The cleaning cycle did not run correctlyRepeat the operation as described in the relevant chapter in the instruction booklet.
Descale applianceCarry out the descaling cycle
StandbyPress the "ON" key