Toptech thermostat troubleshooting

SymptomPossible CauseCorrective Action
No Heat/No Cool/No Fan (common problems)1. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.Replace fuse or reset breaker.
2. Furnace power switch to OFF.Turn switch to ON.
3. Furnace blower compartment door or panel loose or not properly installed.Replace door panel in proper position to engage safety interlock or door switch.
No Heat1. Pilot light not lit.Re-light pilot.
2. System Switch not set to HEAT.Set System Switch to HEAT and raise setpoint above room temperature.
3. Loose connection to thermostat or system.Verify thermostat and system wires are securely attached.
4. Furnace Lock-Out Condition. Heat may also be intermittent.Many furnaces have safety devices that shut down when a lock-out condition occurs. If the heat works intermittently contact the furnace manufacturer or local service person for assistance.
5. Heating system requires service or thermostat requires replacement.Diagnostic: Set System Switch to HEAT and raise the setpoint above room temperature. Within a few seconds the thermostat should make a soft click sound. This sound usually indicates the thermo- stat is operating properly If the thermostat does not dick, try the reset operation listed above. If the thermostat does not dick after being reset contad your heating and cooling service person or place of purchase for a replacement. If the thermostat dicks, contad the furnace manufacturer or a service person to verify the heating is operating correctly.
No Cool1. System Switch not set to COOL.Set System Switch to COOL and lower setpoint below room temperature.
2. Loose connection to thermostat or system.Verify thermostat and system wires are securely attached.
3. Cooling system requires service or thermostat requires replacement.Same procedure as diagnostic for No Heat condition except set the thermostat to COOL and lower the setpoint below the room temperature. There may be up to a five minute delay before the thermostat clicks in Cooling.
Heat, Cool or Fan Runs Constantly.1. Possible short in wiring.Check each wire connedion to verify they are not shorted or touching together. No bare wire should stick out from under terminal screws. Try resetting the thermostat as described above. If the condition persists the manufadurer of your system or service person can instrud you on how to test the Heat/Cool system for corred operation. If the system operates corredly. replace the thermostat.
2. Possible short in thermostat.
3. Possible short in heat/cool/fan system.
4. Fan Switch set to Fan On.
Furnace (Air Conditioning) Cycles Too Fast or Too Slow (narrow or wide temperature swing)1. The location of the thermostat and/or the size of the Heating (Cooling) System may be influencing the cycle rate.Digital thermostats normally provide predse temperature control and may cyde faster than some older mechanical models. A faster cyde rate means the unit turns on and off more frequently but runs for a shorter time so there is no increase in energy use. If you would like to increase the cycle time, dip Jumper W-905 as mentioned in the instrudions for Hydronic Heating Systems. It is not possible to shorten the cyde time. If an acceptable cyde rate is not achieved as received or by clipping W-905 contad a local service person for additional suggestions.
Thermostat Setting and Thermostat Thermometer Disagree1. Thermostat thermometer setting requires adjustment.The thermometer can be adjusted +/- 3 degrees. See Temperature Display Adjustment in the Operation sedion.
Blank Display and/or Keypad Not Responding1. Voltage spike or static discharge.Use the Reset Operation listed above.