Toshiba air conditioner error codes

Don’t you know how to decipher Toshiba air conditioner error codes? Opt for our table below. All main error codes with detailed and understandable decoding are introduced in it. Thus, even an ordinary user will be able to sort out.

Toshiba RBC-AX33CE air conditioner error codes

PhenomenonPossible cause
The LEDs flash.Communication error between signal receiving unit and indoor unit or address setup error when the wired remote controller is used
Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit
The protective device of the indoor unit is activated.
The protective device of the outdoor unit is activated.
Temperature sensor error
The compressor of the outdoor unit is protected.
The air conditioner is performing a test run.

Toshiba VN-M150HE air conditioner error codes

Check codeTypical cause of errorDescription
E03Indoor unit - remote controller regular communication errorNo data is received from the remote controller or network adapter. (Also no central control communication)
E08Duplicate indoor addressesAn address the same as the self-address was detected.
E18Header indoor unit - indoor follower unit regular communication errorRegular communication is not possible between the header and follower indoor units.
F17Outdoor air temperature sensor (TOA) errorOpen-circuit or short-circuit of the outdoor air temperature sensor (TOA) was detected.
F18Return air temperature sensor (TRA) errorOpen-circuit or short-circuit of the return air temperature sensor (TRA) was detected.
F29Indoor unit or other P C. board errorEEPROM error (Another error may have been detected)
L03Duplicate header indoor unitsThere are two or more header units in the group.
L08Indoor group address not setThe indoor address group has not been set. (May also be detected on the outdoor unit side)
L09Indoor power level not setThe indoor power level has not been set.
L20Duplicate central control addressesCentral control addresses are duplicate.
P31Other indoor unit errorThe follower unit in the group cannot be run due to the E03/L07/L03/L08 alerts of the header unit.
E01No header remote controller. Remote controller communication errorNo signal can be received from the indoor unit. The header remote controller has not been set (including double remote controllers).
E02Remote controller transmission errorNo signal can be sent to the indoor unit.
E09Duplicate header remote controllersTwo remote controllers are set as header in the double-remote controller control. (* The header indoor unit stops signaling an error, and the follower indoor units continue running.)
C05Central control communication (transmission) errorNo central control signal can be sent.
C06Central control communication (reception) errorNo central control signal can be received.
P30Follower unit errorAn error occurred on the follower unit in the group. (“***" is displayed on the local remote controller)