Trane thermostat error code

Trane Z WAVE TZEMT400AB32MAA thermostat error code

Error code Solution
LED 1 Green: System Operation display
Sys Off displayedHVAC system is OFF; LED Off
WAIT displayedMinimum Off Time (MOT)delay is active; LED Off
Cool On displayedCooling system is running; LED On
Cooling Min Run Time (MRT); LED On
Heat On displayedHeating system is running; LED On
Heating Minimum Run Time (MRT); LED On
LED 2 Green: System Stage display
No display1st stage heating or cooling. LED Off
2nd Stg displayedStage 2 heating or cooling is active. LED On
Aux Heat displayedStage 3 heating is active. LED On
LED 3 Green: Run/Hold/ESM display. Shows state of Schedule Run/Hold Mode
Run displayedSchedule mode is active. LED Off
Hold displayedTemperature hold is active. LED On
ESM displayed(Energy Savings Mode) Temperature preset is active. LED On
LED 4 RED: Alert LED. Used for other system alerts
No displayNo alerts or messages. LED Off
Filter displayedFilter run timer reached. LED On
Maint displayedMaintenance run timer reached. LED On

Trane XB200 thermostat error code

SymptomPossible CauseAction
Cool ON or Heat ON is displayed, but no warm or cool air is coming from the registers.1. The heating equipment turns on the fan when the furnace has warmed up to a setpoint.1. Wait one minute after seeing the ON icon and then check the registers.
2. Heating or cooling equipment is not operating.2. Check Heating and Cooling system.
"Service“ Flashing on and off.Control EEPROM write error.Press any key and Check / Re-enter Setup Choices.
"Service" solid on and in temperature display.Indoor temperature sensor open or shortedReplace Control
Display will not come on.1. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.1. Replace fuse or reset breaker.
2. Furnace power switch OFF.2. Turn switch to ON.
3. Furnace blower compartment door or panel loose or not properly installed.3. Replace door panel in proper position to engage safety interlock or door switch.
Temperature display is incorrect.Temperature display needs calibration.Calibrate Sensor.
Cannot set Heating setpoint above 80 degreesDeadband between Heating and Cooling set to highDecrease Deadband setting .
Temperature setting will not change. (Example: Cannot set heating higher or cooling lower).1. Upper and/or lower temperature limits were reached.1. Check the temperature setpoints:
Heating limits are 40 - 85F.
Cooling limits are 65 - 90F.
2. "Keypad locked" is displayed on LCD.2. Unlock keypad - press Up+Down arrow together until icon disappears.