ViewSonic projector troubleshooting

As for any digital appliances, breaking- downs are typical for projectors. The malfunctions of projectors are related to non-compliance with the rules of their service: physical impacts, contacts with dust or moisture. The information below from our troubleshooting table with faults` codes for ViewSonic projectors will help out specialist to determine and remove the cause of a breakdown, as projectors are very complex appliances.

ViewSonic PJD5122 projector troubleshooting

There is no power from the power cord.Plug the power cord into the AC inlet on the projector, and plug the power cord into the power outlet. If the power outlet has a switch, make sure that it is switched on.
Attempting to turn the projector on again during the cooling process.Wait until the cooling down process has completed.
The video source is not turned on or connected correctly.Turn the video source on and check that the signal cable is connected correctly.
The projector is not correctly connected to the input signal device.Check the connection.
The input signal has not been correctly selected.Select the correct input signal with the SOURCE key on the projector or remote control.
The lens cover is still closed.Open the lens cover.
The projection lens is not correctly focused.Adjust the focus of the lens using the focus ring.
The projector and the screen are not aligned properly.Adjust the projection angle and direction as well as the height of the projector if necessary.
The lens cover is still closed.Open the lens cover.
The battery is out of power.Replace the battery with a new one.
There is an obstacle between the remote control and the projector.Remove the obstacle.
You are too far away from the projector.Stand within 8 meters (26 feet) of the projector.

ViewSonic J658D projector troubleshooting

No power.The AC power cord is not plugged in.Plug in the AC power cord.
The AC power cord is not connected to the projector.Connect the AC power cord to the projector correctly and turn on the main power switch.
The main power switch is not turned on.Turn on the main power switch.
The lamp cover loose.Tighten the screws on the lamp cover.
Power goes out during use.The temperature is too high.Unplug the AC power cord and wait for a short while, then turn the power back on.
The ventilation holes are blocked.Place the projector so that the ventilation holes are not blocked.
No image appears on screen.The projector is not turned on.Turn the projector on.
The connections set up are not correctly.Check that all connections are setup correctly.
The connected devices are not functioning properly.Check that all connected devices are functioning properly.
Lens cap is not removed.Remove the lens cap and turn the projector on.
“Hide” function is activated.Cancel “Hide” function.
Partial, scrolling or incorrectly displayed image.The input signal is not supported by the projector.Press “Resync” button.
Image is unstable or flickering.The signal timing of the display does not synchronize with the graphic card.Use “Tracking” to correct it. Refer to Computer Image section.
Change the monitor color setting from your computer.
Image has vertical flickering bar.The display data frequency does not match the frequency of your computer’s graphic card.Use “Frequency” to make an adjustment. Refer to Computer Image section.
Check and reconfigure the display mode of your graphic card to make it compatible with the product.
Image is out of focus.The lens focus is not adjusted optimally.Adjust the focus with the focus ring.
The projection distance is not within the projector’s supported range.Place the projector within the supported range.
Remote control doesn’t work.The batteries could be weak.Replace with a new set of batteries.
The polarity is not correct.Install the batteries with correct polarities.
The remote control is not being used within the effective range.Use the remote control within the effective range.
There are some obstructions between the remote control and projector.Check that there are not obstructions between the remote control and projector.
There are some fluorescent or other bright lights shining at the projector’s infrared remoteCheck that there are not any fluorescent or other bright lights shining at the projector’s infrared remote sensor.

ViewSonic VS series projector troubleshooting

SymptomCheck Point
The projector can not be turned on.• Ensure the battery is fully charged or the AC power adapter is in use.
The projected image is too dark.• Use the projector in a darker environment.
• Increase the brightness by using the AC power adapter.
• Project the image on a flat, white surface.
• Decrease the size of projected image.
The projected image is dim.• Adjust the focus. Please refer to “Adjusting the Focus” section.
• Check if the lens is dirty.
• Replace with an image of higher resolution.
The image is not played.• Ensure the image format is compatible.
• Replace with another file or memory card.
• Convert the file with the attached AMC software.
No image is projected when an AV device is connected.• Ensure the connected device is equipped with AV-out function.
• Check if the AV Cable is connected, and the projector is switched to AV-in function.
• Check if the AV Cable is plugged correctly.
No image is projected when a computer is connected.• Check if the USB Cable is plugged correctly.
• Make sure the PC has been switched to projector display.
• Ensure the display resolution of PC screen is 640x480 or 800x600.
The surface temperature of projector ascended.As the high-luminance LED equipped in the projector will generate heat in long-time use, the projector case will help to dissipate heat so that its surface temperature will ascend. This will not affect the performance of projector. Please operate the projector in a ventilated environment indoor as far as possible.