Hotpoint refrigerator troubleshooting

Any modern refrigerator is a complex system, where the majority of parts interact with each other. In case of damage of one part, the entire system can fall out, if a breakdown is not corrected in time. The diagnostics of malfunction contributing to the further professional repairs of a refrigerator is the key objective of troubleshooting tables with faults` codes for hotpoint refrigerators presented below.

Hotpoint NCD series refrigerator troubleshooting

Typically a refrigerator from the Hotpoint NCD series is a compact two-door model. At the bottom, there is a bottle shelf compartment, with professional containers available on certain models. The top compartment consists of a multi-use box, wine area, and vegetable bins.

Malfunctions:Possible causes / Solutions:
The internal light does not illuminate.• The plug has not been inserted into the electrical socket, or not far enough to make contact, or there is no power in the house.
The refrigerator do not cool well.• The doors do not close properly or the seals are damaged.
• The doors are opened too frequently.
• The TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT knob is not in the correct position
• The refrigerator have been over-filled.
The food inside the refrigerator is beginning to freeze.• The TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT knob is not in the correct position.
The motor runs continuously.• The door is not closed properly or is continuously opened.
• The outside ambient temperature is very high.
• The thickness of the frost exceeds 2-3 mm
The appliance makes a lot of noise.• The appliance has not been installed on a level surface
• The appliance has been installed between cabinets that vibrate and make noise.
• The internal refrigerant makes a slight noise even when the compressor is off. This is not a defect, it is normal.
There is water at the bottom of the refrigerator.• The water discharge hole is blocked

Hotpoint RLB series refrigerator troubleshooting

The Hotpoint RLB range includes compact one-door refrigerators. They are equipped with a number of shelves, a safety glass, a salad bin, an egg holder, as well as three racks (bottle, commodity, and diary racks). The fridge defrosts automatically.

The appliance won't work.Check the plug is firmly positioned in the wall socket and the power supply is switched on. Check that the thermostat setting is not in the OFF position. Check the power supply with another appliance. Check the fuse.
There has been a power failure.DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. If power does not return within 14 hours, food should be removed from the low temperature compartment and either cooked and eaten within 24 hours or cooked and refrozen.
The appliance is making a lot of noise.Check the appliance is stabilised. Ensure the appliance is not touching the wall or kitchen units. It is normal for it to make a bubbling or gurgling sound.
Continuous Operation of the CompressorHas the door been opened frequently or left open for a long period of time? The door is not closed properly/does not seal properly (clean the gasket if it is contaminated or replace it if it is damaged). Check there is adequate air circulation.
Water is leaking from the refrigerator.Check that the defrost water outlet is not blocked. Check that stored food or packaging is not in contact with the cooling plate on the interior rear wall of the refrigerator. (NB. It is normal for droplets to run down the cooling plate). Is there ice formation on the interior rear wall?
Refrigerator interior light does not work.SWITCH OFF AT THE SOCKET AND PULL OUT THE MAIN PLUG, check the bulb is in correctly.

Hotpoint MSZ series refrigerator troubleshooting

Hotpoint MSZ is the name for the lineup of full-size side-by-side refrigerators. Some of the models have an ice dispenser, moisture and temperature controls. There are also models with the standby function that turns off the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

ProblemPossible causes/solutions
The appliance does not work:• Is the power cable plugged into a socket powered with the right voltage?
• Have you checked the protection devices and fuses of your home's electrical system?
The motor seems to run constantly:• Is the condenser free of dust and fluff?
• Are the doors properly closed?
• Are the door seals intact?
• On hot days or when the room is warm, it is normal for the motor to run longer.
• If the appliance door has been left open for a long time or if large amounts of food have been introduced, the motor will run longer in order to cool the inside of the appliance.
Moisture has accumulated:• Make sure the air ducts inside the compartment are not blocked and thus preventing the circulation of air.
• Make sure food is properly packaged. Dry any wet food containers before placing them in the appliance.
• Make sure the doors are not opened too frequently. When the door is opened, the moisture contained in the room air enters the appliance. The more often the door is opened, the faster moisture accumulates, especially if the room itself is very humid.
• If the room is very humid, it is normal for moisture to accumulate inside the appliance.
There is water in the defrost pan:• This is normal in hot and humid weather. The pan can even be half full. Make sure the refrigerator is level so that water does not spill from the pan.
If the appliance temperature is too high:• Are the appliance controls correctly adjusted?
• Has a large amount of food been placed in the appliance?
• Make sure the doors are not opened too frequently and check that the doors close properly.
• Make sure the air ducts inside the compartment are not blocked and thus preventing the circulation of cold air.
The appliance's in contact with the seal is hot to the touch:• This is normal in hot weather and when the compressor is working.
The doors do not open and close properly:• Make sure no food packages are blocking the door.
• Make sure the inside parts or the automatic ice-maker are not incorrectly positioned.
• Make sure the door seals are not dirty or sticky.
• Make sure the appliance is level.
The light does not work:• Have you checked the protection devices and fuses of your home's electrical system?
• Is the power cable plugged into a socket powered with the right voltage?
• Is the lamp burnt?
The automatic ice-maker does not work:• Has the freezer had enough time to become cold? With a new appliance this may take overnight.
• Is the automatic ice-maker ON/OFF button set to ON?
• Is water reaching the automatic ice-maker? Is the water cock open? The filter may be clogged or not correctly installed. Firstly, check the filter installation instructions to make sure the filter is correctly fitted and not clogged. If installation or clogging is not the problem, call qualified personnel or a technician.
The dispenser does not work:• Is the freezer compartment door closed?
• Is the ice bucket correctly installed?
The ice dispenser stops working:• Are the ice cubes stuck because the ice dispenser has not been used for some time? Shake the ice bucket to separate the cubes and increase the holding capacity. It is advisable to throw away the old ice cubes and make new ice.
• Has the ice dispenser lever been pressed for too long? Wait about 3 minutes for the dispenser motor to reset.
The ice has an unpleasant smell or taste:• Has the ice absorbed bad odours? Is the quality of the water good? Water containing minerals may require a filter.
• Is the food properly covered?
• Is the ice bucket/freezer compartment clean? Follow the instructions for the correct ice dispenser water supply.
• Are the pipes correctly connected to the ice dispenser? The first ice cubes coming out of the dispenser may have an unpleasant taste, therefore it is advisable to discard them and make new ice cubes.
The dispenser does not dispense ice when the lever is pressed:• Change the ice selection from cubes to crushed ice, or vice versa, in order to remove any ice blocks. If the dispenser still does not dispense ice, wait a couple of minutes and repeat the operation.

Hotpoint HTS series refrigerator troubleshooting

Hotpoint HTS is an extensive range that is comprised of more than 100 models. All of them are full-size top-freezer refrigerators with two doors. Inside this range, there is the HTS Energy Star lineup known for its energy-saving options.

ProblemPossible CausesWhat To Do
Refrigerator does not operateRefrigerator in defrost cycle.• Wait about 30 minutes for defrost cycle to end.
Temperature control dial in 0 position.• Move the temperature control dial to a temperature setting.
Refrigerator is unplugged.• Push the plug completely into the outlet.
The fuse is blown/circuit breaker is tripped.• Replace fuse or reset the breaker.
Vibration or rattling (slight vibration is normal)Roller screws or leveling legs need adjusting.
Motor operates for long periods or cycles on and off frequently. (Modern refrigerators with more storage space and a larger freezer require more operating time. They start and stop often to maintain even temperatures.)Normal when refrigerator is first plugged in.• Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool down.
Often occurs when large amotmts of food are placed in refrigerator.• This is normal.
Door left open.
Hot weather or frequent door openings.• This is normal.
Temperature control dial set at the coldest setting.
Grille and condenser need cleaning.
Fresh food or freezer compartment too warmTemperature control dial not set cold enough.
Warm weather or frequent door openings.• Set the temperature control dial one step colder
Door left open.
Package blocking air duct in freezer com part men t.• Check to see if package is blocking air duct in freezer compartment.
Frost or ice crystals on frozen food (frost within package is normal)Door left open. Too frequent or too long door openings.• Check to see if package is holding door open.
Automatic icemaker does not work (on some models)Icemaker power switch is not on.•On power switch models, set the power switch to the 1 (on) position. On feeler arm models, move the feeler arm to the ON (down) position.
Water supply turned off or not connected.• See Installing the water line.
Freezer compartment too warm.•Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool down.
Piled up cubes in the storage bin cause the icemaker to shut off.•Level cubes by hand.
Frequent "buzzing" soundIcemaker is on but the water supply to the refrigerator has not been connected.•Turn the icemaker off. On power switch models, set the power switch to the 0 (off} position. On feeler arm models, move the feeler arm to the STOP (up) position. Keeping it on will damage the water valve.
Cubes too smallWater shutoff valve connecting refrigerator to water line may be clogged.•Call the plumber to clear the valve.
Slow ice cube freezingDoor left open.• Check to see if package is holding door open.
Temperature control dial not set cold enough.
Ice cubes have odor/tasteIce storage bin needs cleaning.•Empty and wash bin. Discard old cubes.
Food transmitting odor/taste to ice cubes.•Wrap foods well.
Interior of refrigerator needs cleaning.
Moisture forms on cabinet surface between the doorsNot unusual during periods of high humidity.•Wipe surface dry and reset temperature control dial one setting colder.
Moisture collects inside (in humid weather, air carries moisture into refrigerator when doors are opened)Too frequent or too long door openings.
Refrigerator has odorFoods transmitting odor to refrigerator.• Foods with strong odors should be tightly wrapped.
• Keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator; replace every three months.