Oregon weather station troubleshooting

The focus of the production activity of Oregon Scientific is the manufacturing of weather stations. Here you can find the device that meets any requirements. Starting from a simple device for measuring temperature and humidity up to professional meteorological systems fit with wind, precipitation and even the level of ultraviolet radiation sensors. The standard Oregon weather station predicts the weather with a probability of 75%.

Oregon Scientific BAR628HG weather station troubleshooting

CalendarStrange date / monthChange language (>5)
ClockCannot adjust clockDisable clock (>5)
Cannot auto- synchronize the date and time1. Adjust batteries (>4)
2. Press RESET (>7)
3. Manually activate clock feature (>5)
TempShows “LLL” or “HHH”Temperature is out-of-range
Remote sensorCannot locate remote sensorCheck batteries(>5)
Check location (>5)
Cannot change channelCheck sensors. Only one sensor is working (>5)
Data does not match main unitInitiate a manual sensor search (>5)

Oregon Scientific WMR300 weather station troubleshooting

BarometerStrange readingsCheck altitude setting on the main unit.
Wind sensorNo updates of the wind directionCheck the wind vane.
Display dashes on main unit1. Check the connections.
2. Check the channel setting.
3. Check the pairing successful or not.
Rain sensorNo readings1. Check the cable tie on the tipping bucket to be cut away or not.
2. Check the balance indicator.
3. Check the plastic filter in rain collector.
4. Check the connections.
Strange readings1. Check the plasticfilterin the rain collector.
2. Check the balance indicator.
Temp/hygro sensorDisplay dashes1. Check the connections.
2. Check the pairing.
3. Check the channel setting.
No outdoor temp/ hygro readings1. Check the rechargeable battery in transmitter box.
2. Check the power adapter connection and main unit batteries status.
3. Do maintenance for the sensor.
CalendarStrange date / month1. Change language.
2. Check the calendar setting.
ClockCannot adjust clockDisable radio-controlled clock.
Cannot auto-synchronize1. Check batteries status.
2. Reset the main unit.
3. Manually activate radio controlled dock.
Sunrise/SunsetStrange readings1. Set longitude/latitude.
2. Check the daylight saving time setting.
Transmitter boxLED light(s) do not flash1. Check the switch.
2. Check the polarity of the rechargeable battery.
3. Check the connection of the solar panel.
Sensors pairingTime is too long1. Adjust the antennas to be parallel.
2. Reset the pairing switch (switch off then on again).