Talking thermostat troubleshooting

ProblemPossible Solutions
Display’s blank, no audioCheck batteries. If bad replace. If good, rotate to improve contact to battery posts.
Display’s blank, has audioPress RESET button for 7 seconds. If screen is still blank contact seller for warranty return.
Display on, won’t operateMove FAN switch to ON position. If no blower, check for 24V power. If single transformer system, make sure jumper is between RH & RC terminals.
System won’t turn onCheck wiring (see diagrams provided).
Incorrect indoor temperature readingAllow 30 -40 minutes to stabilize room temperature. If still incorrect calibrate by pressing UP & DOWN keys together and hold until Indoor Temperature starts to flash. Release. Press the UP or DOWN key to raise or lower until correct temperature is displayed. To accept change, press the RUN button.
Incorrect programmed times & temperature settingsPress WEEKDAY button and review each time period’s settings. Press NO to quickly advance to next time period. Press WEEKEND button & repeat.
Thermostat doesn’t follow program settingsCheck if program is off (display shows “PROG/OFF”) Check that HEAT and COOL have been programmed Check time setting is correct (especially AM & PM).
Cooling won't come onIf COOL icon is flashing, cooling will come on in 5 min. Lower temperature setting below indoor temperature. COOL icon should appear and you'll hear relay “click” If still no cooling check wiring or system (3&4 above). If still no cooling press HELP for service.
Heating won’t come onRaise temperature setting above indoor temperature. HEAT icon should appear and you’ll hear relay “click” If still no heat check wiring or system (3&4 above). If still no heat press HELP for service.
Warranty & Service InfoPress the HELP button for audio information.