Airwell conditioner troubleshooting

If your Airwell air conditioner shows any strange symptoms, is not cooling, or is not working at all, the table below will be of great help. Find the symptom in the first column, analyze the possible causes and try the suggested solutions. It is very likely that there’s just a minor issue, and so troubleshooting the appliance will not take much time and effort.

Airwell IU-MINV-HW-9H air troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell IU-MINV-HW-9H represent split systems. These systems use the new refrigerant R410A. The air conditioners of this type are fit with cooling, heating and drying functions, which can be detailed as follows: microprocessor controlled operation, one-touch remote control, timers, economy mode, automatic and 3-step fan speed, air sweep control, high power cooling, smell reduction mode, air clean filter and some other options.

Trouble Possible Cause Remedy
Air conditioner does not run at all. 1. Power failure. 1. Restore power.
2. Leakage circuit breaker tripped. 2. Contact service center.
3. Line voltage is too low. 3. Consult your electrician or dealer.
4. Operation button is OFF. 4. Press the button again.
5. Batteries in remote control unit have run down. 5. Replace batteries.
OPERATION lamp blinks and air conditioner does not operate. Trouble in wiring system. Contact service center.
Compressor runs but soon stops. Obstruction in front of condenser coil. Remove obstruction.
Poor cooling (or heating) performance. 1. Dirty or clogged air filter. 1. Clean air filter to improve airflow.
2. Heat source or many people in room. 2. Eliminate heat source if possible.
3. Doors and/or windows are open. 3. Shut them to keep the heat (or cold) out.
4. Obstacle near air intake or air discharge port. 4. Remove it to ensure good airflow.
5. Thermostat is set too high for cooling (or too low for heating). 5. Set the temperature lower (or higher).
6. (Outdoor temperature is too low for heating.) 6. (Consult your dealer or try to use a back-up heater.)
Clicking sound is heard from the air conditioner. In heating or cooling operation, any plastic parts may expand or shrink due to a sudden temperature change. In this event, a clicking sound may occur. This is normal, and the sound will soon disappear.
OPERATION lamp lights but outdoor unit will not run. 1. The use of cellular phones near the air conditioner may cause disturbance to its normal operation. 1. Turn off the power then restart the air conditioner after 1 minute.
2. Consult your dealer.

Airwell PNX009 air troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell PNX009 are multi split systems, which use R410A as refrigerant. These are full line multi-tubing systems with three or four connected indoor units. They represent a high-level technology product, which is intended for residential and commercial use providing comfort, energy saving and low noise operation.

1. Indoor unit power supply indicator (Red LED) does not light up. No power supply Check power supply. If OK, check display and display wiring, if OK, replace controller
2. Indoor unit does not respond to remote control message Remote control message not reached the indoor unit Check remote control batteries, if OK, check display and display wiring, if OK, replace display PCB. If still not OK replace controller
3. Indoor unit responds to remote control message but Operate indicator (Green LED) does not light up Problem with display PCB Replace display PCB.
If still not OK replace controller
4. Indoor fan does not start (louvers are opened and Green LED is ON) Unit in heat mode and coil is still not warm Change to cool mode
Outdoor unit is in opposite mode Change operation mode
Problem with controller or capacitor Change to high speed and Check power supply to motor is higher than 130VAC (for triack controlled motor) or higher than 220VAC for fixed speed motors, if OK replace capacitor, if not OK replace controller
5. Indoor fan works when unit is OFF, and indoor fan speed is not changed by remote control command. Controller problem Replace controller
6. Water leakage from indoor unit Indoor unit drainage tube is blocked Check and open drainage tube
7. One indoor unit or more are operating in cool mode with no capacity, and the other units have water leaks/freezing problems The communication wires of the indoor units are switched Check and correct the communication wires connection
8. One indoor or more are operating in heat mode with a limited capacity, and the coil on the other units are very hot.
9. Outdoor unit display board and leds are off No power supply Check the connections and the wiring on the main terminal – Repair if needed.
Check PFC choke connection – Repair if needed
PFC Chock coil Check the PFC Chock coil
Burnt fuse Check 25Afuse on the Filter
EEV problem Check EEV
10. Compressor operates but one or more units generates no capacity Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
Indoor coil block Clean filters and/or remove block
Outdoor coil block Remove block and/or avoid air by-pass
EEV problem Check EEV
11. Compressor is over heated and unit does not generate capacity Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
Indoor coil block Clean filters and/or remove block
Outdoor coil block Remove block and/or avoid air by-pass
12. Compressor stops during operation Electronic control Check diagnostics
Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
13. Not all units are operating Communication problems Check diagnostic
14. Compressor does not start Electronics control problem or protection
15. Unit works in wrong mode (cool instead of heat or heat instead of cool) Electronics or RV problem Check RV
16. All components are operating properly but no cooling or no heating Refrigerant leak Check refrigeration system
17. Compressor motor is generating noise and no suction occurs Phase order to compressor is wrong Check compressor phase order
18. Freezing of outdoor unit in heat mode and outdoor unit base is blocked with ice Connect base heater
19. The unit stop suddenly during operation EMC interference to the A/C unit Check for EMC problems
20. Indoor unit(s) Indicator(s) leds may flicker
21. Other home appliances operation is faulty such as noise appears in the television picture, or the picture is distorted or static occurs in the radio sound EMC interference by the A/C unit Check for EMC problems
22. All others Specific problems of indoor or outdoor units Check diagnostics

Airwell WNG9 air troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell WNG9 belong to DUO N series. Such DUO multi split outdoor unit series comprise ST (cooling only) and RC (heat pump) models. They use R410A refrigerant. All such models have built-in deicing controller, outdoor coil with hydrophilic louver fins, metal sheets protected by anti- corrosion paint work for long life resistance, compressor located in the sound-insulating box.

The power supply indicator (red led) doesn’t light up. There is no correct voltage between the line and neutral terminals on main P.C.B. -If the voltage is low repair power supply.
-If there is no voltage repair general wiring.
-If there is correct outage replace main or display P.C.B’S
The operating indicator (green led) does not light up. The remote control batteries are discharged -Replace batteries of the remote control
The operating indicator (green led) does not light up when starting from unit.. Check main P.C.B and display P.C.B. -Replace P.C.B if necessary.
The indoor fan does not function correctly. Check the voltage between indoor fan terminals on the main P.C.B If there is voltage replace capacitor or motor.
The outdoor fan does not function correctly. Check the voltage between indoor fan terminals on the main P.C.B. If there is no voltage replace main P.C.B
There is voltage between outdoor fan terminals on the outdoor mit Replace capacitor or motor.
There is no voltage between outdoor fan terminals on the outdoor unit Check and repair electrical wiring between indoor and outdoor units.
The compressor does not start up. Check voltage on compressor terminals on the outdoor in it. (with ammeter) -If no voltage replace main P.C.B.
Check if there is correct voltage between compressor terminals on the outdoor in it. -If low voltage repair power supply.
-If the voltage correct replace capacitor or compressor.
-If there is no voltage repair electrical wiring between indoor and outdoor units.
The refrigeration system does not function correctly. Check for leaks or restrictions, with ampmeter, pressure guage or surface thermometer. Repair refrigeration system and charge refrigerant if necessary.
No cooing or heating only indoor fan works. Outdoor fan motor faulty or other fault caused, compressor overload protection cut out. -Replace P.C.B.
Outdoor fan blocked remove obstructions.
Only indoor fan and compressor working. Outdoor fan blocked. Remove obstructions.
Only indoor fan working. -Run capacitor of outdoor fan motor faulty. Replace capacitor.
-Windings of outdoor fan are shorted. -Replace motor.
No cooling or heating takes place, indoor and outdoor fans working. Overload safety device on compressor is cut out (lew voltage or high temperature) Check for proper voltage, switch off power and try again after one hour.
Compressor run capacitor faulty. Replace compressor capacitor.
Compressor Endings are shorted. Replace compressor.
No air supply at indoor unit, compressor operates. Indoor fan motor is blocked or turns slowly, -indoor fan run capacitor faulty. Check voltage, repair wring if necessary.
motor Endings are shorted. -Check fan wheel if it is tight enough on motor shafUighten if necessary.
-Replace indoor fan motor.
Partial, limited air supply at indoor indoor unit. Lack of refrigerant (will aooompanied by whistling noise) cause ice formation on indoor unit ooil in cooling mode. -Charge the unit after localizing leak.
Water accumulates and overflow from indoor unit section. Oari tube or spout of chain pan clogged. -Disasemble plastic drain tube from spout of indoor unit drain pan.
Water dripping from outdoor unit base, an heating mode) Water drain outlet is clogged. -Open outdoor unit cover clean out water outlet,clean the base inside througly.
Freeze-up of outdoor oil in heating mode, poor heating effect in room, indoor fan operates. -Faulty outdoor thermistor.
-Faulty control cable.
-outdoor unit air outlet is blocked.
-Replace thermistor. -Repair control cable. -Remove obstructions.